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Treachery In The Gulf

Looking at the big picture does put a new light on who is expendable.
White House chief of staff Rahm Emmanuel has said, “Never let a crisis
go to waste.” And Obama says we are addicted to oil. (This from a man
whose largest campaign contributor was BP) We would not have to be
using so much oil if so many inventors of alternative energy and free
energy had not been frightened off or killed.

What has happened in the Gulf of Mexico was not by accident. It was
most likely a design to support an agenda (like, “Agenda 21?”). What that agenda is we do not know exactly (Ah, perhaps “Agenda 21?”) but I will try to connect the dots. We may soon know the true extent of its nature by the “solutions” our government imposes on the people in the Gulf area.

Our government and BP are creating a famine by letting the blowout
continue in its present state. As mentioned above, the EPA objected to
the use of Corexit 9500 but Barack Obama did not step in to stop its

Every step during this disaster appears to be controlled by an
unprecedented amount of greed. Even greed does not figure because so
much natural wealth is being destroyed. What is really going on here?

Why do we have a media blackout on a catastrophe that will affect the
whole world? BP has hired the CIA-front company, Wackenhut, to patrol
the shoreline and prevent reporters, residents and visitors from
witnessing, describing and recording the damage. Private thugs are
forcing the public off public beaches.

Agenda 21 is a United Nations program but it was spearheaded and
directly sponsored by President George H.W. Bush at the Rio
Conference. President Bush promised the attendees that Americans would
one day pledge their allegiance to the United Nations as he made
Agenda 21 de facto US policy.

Once in office, one of the first things President Clinton did by
executive order was establish the Presidents Council for Sustainable
Development. All aspects of life were covered, though no one in
Congress complained or demanded hearings or any sort of debate.
Seventeen years later we see Agenda 21 being quietly enforced in
federal, state and local laws and regulations. Agenda 21 is the
framework for world government, imposed on us by our own town and city
councils, our own county supervisors. But it’s not called “Agenda 21”
by the planners. It’s called “Sustainable Development.”

“Sustainable Development” is a code word for world government. The
term “world government” is a euphemism for merciless dictatorship. The
excuses are the issues of environmental protection, preservation of
water and anti-pollution. For example, most of America will be
designated as “wildlands” and will be off-limits to Americans. After a
severe reduction of the population, survivors will be highly
concentrated into “Smart Growth” cities, stacked and packed into
high-rise housing projects.

By reducing the population to the numbers found around the Dark Ages
(five hundred million), government control is thought by the planners
to be manageable. To get down to five hundred million people from our
present population of six billion people will require a ninety-two
percent reduction. The reliable methods of population reduction we saw
in the last century Capitalist world wars and Communism only
achieved reductions in the hundreds of millions. Famine and genocide
in Africa were not sufficiently destructive. Agenda 21 calls for the
slaughter of five and a half billion people.

AIDS has affected its target populations here and in Africa but the
Bird Flu, Swine Flu, Ebola, Lyme disease, BSE (mad cow disease) have
not taken the numbers wanted. These are all, in my opinion,
government-created weapons. Government vaccine programs have not been
successful in creating disease and mortality in the numbers needed.
The right combination, however, of disease and famine could accomplish
the goal.

The oil flow, blown inland by storms, will create water shortages by
poisoning fresh water sources. People who have been subsistence-living
will no longer have ways to live as they had been doing for
generations. Farmers will lose production due to chemical rain, thus
creating food shortages and famine across America and possibly Mexico
and South America. People living on seafood will have the most
difficulty and may die off quickly. Oil residue has already been seen
in seafood in restaurants and grocery stores. More economic
alternative food sources will be sought as the price of seafood

Genetically-altered food sources created by Monsanto will cause
disease and early death. Already the use of Monsanto “suicide seeds”
in America has adversely affected the honey bees. Our honey bee
population has been drastically reduced. Scientists have found that
the genetically-altered DNA has affected bee nervous systems, causing
a die off, which is now called “colony collapse disorder.” Without
honey bees, pollination ceases and this will be the end of a natural
way of life.

There will be migrations to urban areas as the coastal people lose
everything that made their lives worth living. The “Smart Growth”
collectivization of stacking and packing will begin. A single family
home with a yard will be something of the past and longed for.
Actually the packing of people into small areas will increase the
spread of diseases and violence. Two of the tenets of Deep Ecology
philosophy in the Wildlands Project are: The human population must be
reduced; western civilization must radically change its present
economic, technological and ideological structures. Independent
entrepreneurs will be things of the past.

Every day that BP and our government allow the oil to flow and the use
of Corexit, more of the earth will be poisoned. The land won’t be
worth a dollar and a quarter, never mind a hundred and a quarter.

The marine life that does survive will be contaminated. Recovery of
the areas affected is highly unlikely especially when looking at our
past record in the Exxon Valdez spill. The use of cancer-causing
Corexit has made this disaster many times more toxic than just oil

News reporter Kerry Kennedy says the people in the Gulf are
experiencing symptoms of nausea, headaches and burning eyes. Didn’t BP
learn anything from Exxon, or did they learn too much? No one is
encouraged to wear respirators and rubber gloves because BP is worried
about causing a state of hysteria, i.e., a state of awareness. The
doctors do not know exactly how to treat the patients coming in since
they don’t know what chemicals BP is using. Only band aids and aspirin
are provided to the workers in the Gulf by BP’s company doctors. All I
can say is that a majority of the Valdez workers were dead ten years
later. The White House has not responded appropriately so BP as a
corporation has taken control of the area without the consent of the

That’s exactly how the relationship between BP and Conservation
International was framed by ABC’s “Nightline” back in 2002.”

The main objectives are to end national sovereignty, abolition of
private property, the “restructuring” of the family unit, increasing
restrictions on mobility and individual opportunity. Barack Obama’s
way to do this is with something he calls “Cap and Trade.”

I must admit, for the longest time I did not know what “Cap and Trade”
meant. Nothing in those three words suggests anything to do with
ecology but “Cap and Trade” is an environmentally-based scam, an
artificial marketplace designed to reduce pollution by paying people
who reduce pollution with money from polluters. “Cap” refers to
limits, or caps, on emissions. So, we would have an emissions trading
system in which total emissions are limited, or capped. Permits would
be allocated or auctioned up to the set cap on emissions and a market
would allow polluting members who are emitting less than their quotas
to sell their excess permits to polluters who need to buy “credits” to
meet their caps. Which is all as totally phony as it sounds, and as
totally phony as “man-made global warming.” The globe is warmed by the
sun, or not, if it puts out less heat. Paying money or being paid has
nothing to do with pollution or “greenhouse gasses.”

What “Cap and Trade” does is to create more restrictions and controls on people.

This is the most devastating disaster that we have known. It will
affect millions of people in the Gulf States, the Eastern Coast and
everywhere the Gulf Stream goes. Agenda 21 is not only for America it
is international as a United Nations policy for the New World Order.
But while we still have some tattered shreds of our Bill of Rights
left, each of us who has an ounce of soul left needs to find out for
himself and herself the full extent of Agenda 21 and how it will
impact on your family’s life.

Agenda 21 has been creeping through each town and city council for 17
years. The first thing to do is to take a good look at what is
happening to the people who are living in the Gulf States and etch
into our brains what will happen to your family in the near future.
Our response to this must be to seize control of our local
institutions, our town and city councils and county boards of
supervisors and force the rejection of any and all programs,
regulations and policies that conform to the United Nations’ Agenda
for the 21st Century. Gulf Coast residents must demand non-toxic forms
of clean-up such as bioremediation, i.e., oil-eating microbes.

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What? Me Worry?


What? Me Worry?

Is it true that our world has suffered with so much unspeakable destruction, misery, and death because so many of us have had, and do have, perhaps, the mother of all negative and apathetic attitudes:

Why worry about something you can’t do anything about?

Is this attitude resulting in the forfeiture of our God-gifted and sovereign free-will?

Have too many of us lost so much free-will, through apathy and ignorance, we can only add to the wide consensus of negative free-will, or exercise no free-will at all?

Must we have some free-will left in order to use it in a positive fashion?

Unconditional love has the highest vibration, with hate, revenge, and fear on the bottom rungs. Enlightened spiritual beings naturally resonant with the higher vibrations.

So, there’s energy (of the material world) and there’s us (of the spiritual world) who create and interact with energy of the material world.

“Something can be done about anything with enough free-will, as the soul is senior and separate from energy. Souls create energy and interact with it. Souls can, however, become confused and think energy is senior to them, and even get lost in energy.”

And as a corollary, free-will not exercised will eventually become free-will lost, until it’s regained.

We could even make the Gulf of Mexico and its coasts clean again with our collective will overriding the negative will of those who have so poisoned our air, waters, and lands, and those in government who have allowed it.

To accomplish this many people in our world would have to wake up to the dark negative intentions of those who caused the greatest catastrophe in recorded history, but to also awaken to those of our federal government who allowed it.

Enlightenment must proceed the positive intention of free-will.

Evil and malevolence act secretly and deceptively. Before one can transform, exorcise, or reverse evil, one must know its nature and source.

To recapture one’s free-will, one must fully understand how they lost it though apathy, ignorance, and trickery to the overlords of darkness, and how that lost free-will was used for negative purposes.

We would have to see through the pretense of the bogus left/right paradigm, so promoted by the well paid, but disingenuous sophists of the corporate media.

Visualize and intend a clean Gulf and shores, with abundant and healthy marine and plant life; and the power and glory of life will once again return to us the people of Earth.

To recapture one’s free-will, one must fully understand how they lost it though apathy, ignorance, and trickery to the overlords of darkness, and how that lost free-will was used for negative purposes.

We would have to see through the pretense of the bogus left/right paradigm, so promoted by the well paid, but disingenuous sophists of the corporate media.

Visualize and intend a clean Gulf and shores, with abundant and healthy marine and plant life; and the power and glory of life will once again return to us the people of Earth.


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Truth And Consequences of the Oil Volcano

Abiotic Oil

Most of us believe that oil is the remains of dead dinosaurs and vegetation that somehow went from being organic to the mineral state over thousands of years under pressure in their grave yards.

However, you have been wondering how many dinosaurs per second are coming out of the Gulf Gusher right now? How many were buried in what is now known to be such an immense oil field that 4000 rigs are doing their best to pump it out, make gasoline and make money?

What size herd of dinosaurs would it take to create that much oil? Or how big a forest? And how did they all get to be in the same place at the same time then get sucked down to a humongous cave at least 20,000 feet under the ocean floor?

Seems like that belief is due for a revamp don’t you think? Yes indeed, and you’re not the first to think so. Writing in National Review in 2004 Bruce Bartlett pointed out that ” in the 1950s, Russian and Ukrainian scientists developed a new theory about petroleum’s origins called the abiotic or abiogenic theory. According to this view, oil is fundamentally inorganic and has no relationship to dead plant or animal life. Rather, oil originates deep in the Earth’s crust from inorganic material that is part of the planet’s origin.”

That’s why oil wells are gushers. They’re the earth’s blood. Perhaps that’s how the earth has been handling our addicted oil-sucking society, putting up with our habit of behaving like blood thirsty mosquitoes, drilling into her body wherever there is a hint of what we need for a fix. She has put up with us so far, because she has been able to self-replenish her bloodstream. However, unlike addicts who inject their drug of choice into their bodies, we use our hypodermics (drilling rigs) to dig a well so we can hit a vein and suck out that black fluid that we have become so totally dependent on….we’re just a bunch of blood suckers. This time, we’ve not just hit a vein, it looks like we’ve hit an artery, and there’s nothing we can do to stop the bleeding.

Let’s Be Clear.

Let’s face the fact that this gusher is going to go on gushing every second of every day for months to come.

BP and the government are batting 100 per cent failure when it comes to stopping it.

This leaves us with a number of scenarios and outcomes which require unemotional attention. Unemotional, because they’re all as scarey as hell, and if we give in to fear in any way, we’re more screwed than if we’d just elected another President of Promises.

We’re in a theater. Some of us can smell smoke. The messenger has yelled “I smell smoke!” The manager has said “please stay seated, we have it under control.” Some of us have heard both, seen that there’s a chance to make it out the exit doors before the smoke turns to fire, and we’re sensible enough to drop our Coke and popcorn and get the heck out of there.

Scenario One = No End In Sight

The oil and the over-a-million gallons of dispersants that have been released, are not going to stop traveling any time soon (or ever).

Scenario Two = Blast Off And Tsunami

Eventually, as the cracking continues in the sea bed, without warning it could be weakened to such a degree that the gas and oil trapped in that Everest-sized cavity will explode with such force that there are no words to describe it. We could however say that the Hiroshima atomic bomb would be like a firecracker in comparison.

The result would be an eruption and an instant tsunami that would travel the 50 miles to shore – at hundreds of miles an hour – and wipe out everything in its path for who-knows-how-many miles inland.

Scenario Three = Storms – Hurricanes – Acid Rain

It is inevitable that storms and hurricanes will add to the devastation.

Wherever it makes landfall, you can kiss goodbye to any marshes and wetlands, for the oil will be deposited like a blanket of death, suffocating all living things. As for recovery? What recovery?

Hurricane or not, even a mild storm coming in from the Gulf is going to bring with it oily rain – and poisonous gases.

Scenario Four: Oily water = No Drinking Water

Desalination plants that provide city water are going to have to be shut down.

They rely on filters down to the nano level – but oil will clog them as soon as it finds them.

Likewise, nuclear power plants that cool themselves with sea water, are going to go off line as well.

Scenario Five = Killer Earthquake/s – New Madrid Fault

In this scenario, the gusher relieves enough pressure on surrounding rocks and tectonic plates that there is a sudden massive earthquake affecting the New Madrid Fault. This in turn collapses the cavity and stops the gusher. That’s the good news.

Unfortunately, lots of people are dead or injured.

Scenario Six = Mass Evacuations

Under any of the above scenarios, mass evacuations could quite conceivably be mandated by the government.

Already, people are leaving some of the Gulf states voluntarily. Not happily by any means, for it requires leaving behind property that may never sell, and family and friends who do not share the same forward-looking comprehension of what’s inevitably going to happen.

Inevitably, oily rain will ruin as much on land as it has in the ocean.

Solution – Two Revolutions

As upsetting as it might be, facing these several previously unthinkable scenarios arising from the BP Disaster leads to some life-changing ideas, and on to thoughts of the future.

That’s where the first revolution has to start. A revolution in personal thinking about our responsibility to our planet – which in turn should lead us to demand the demise of “Big Oil.”

The second revolution?

This is nothing more than supposition. But, suppose those folks in the Gulf states and up the East Coast whose lives are going to hell right now, start to question how it all happened.

Their lives went to hell because politicians took money from corporations and in turn turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to the way those corporations defied the law.

When these now unemployed people get to the point that they cannot sell their homes while the banks continue to insist on mortgage payments (“or you’re outa here”), while the IRS insists they pay taxes on their compensation monies, are they going to quit paying taxes – and start a revolution against the banks? Quite likely. Will this lead to a martial law backlash?

Quite possibly.

Any way we look at any of these potentials, for each case study the options for those most immediately affected appear to be extraordinarily similar.

One option is to get over the shock, get emotions under control, decide to get out of harm’s way, make a plan, and do it.

The other is to stay put, stick it out and take the consequences.

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Have the Seventh Sign of Hopi Prophecy Come True?

Hopi prophecy predates the coming of white people. In fact, the coming of Pahana (whites) is part of the prophecy, the beginning of Koyanniqatsi, meaning “crazy life,” “life in turmoil,” or “life out of balance.” Koyanniqatsi is a state of life that calls for another way of living. That is what we all must do to survive.

The following are the 9ine Hopi Prophecies. Have the 7th one just been fulfilled, with the Oil spill in the Gulf? The 8th could refer to “counter cultural’s” walking out on regular society and “civilization” and the 9th could be referring to Betelgeuse going supernova in 2012 (Kachina).

“This is the First Sign: We are told of the coming of the white-skinned men, like Pahana, but not living like Pahana men who took the land that was not theirs. And men who struck their enemies with thunder.

“This is the Second Sign: Our lands will see the coming of spinning wheels filled with voices. In his youth, my father saw this prophecy come true with his eyes — the white men bringing their families in wagons across the prairies.”

“This is the Third Sign: A strange beast like a buffalo but with great long horns, will overrun the land in large numbers. These White Feather saw with his eyes — the coming of the white men’s cattle.”

“This is the Fourth Sign: The land will be crossed by snakes of iron.”

“This is the Fifth Sign: The land shall be criss-crossed by a giant spider’s web.”

“This is the Sixth sign: The land shall be criss-crossed with rivers of stone that make pictures in the sun.”

“This is the Seventh Sign: You will hear of the sea turning black, and many living things dying because of it.”

“This is the Eight Sign: You will see many youth, who wear their hair long like my people, come and join the tribal nations, to learn their ways and wisdom.

“And this is the Ninth and Last Sign: You will hear of a dwelling-place in the heavens, above the earth, that shall fall with a great crash. It will appear as a blue star. Very soon after this, the ceremonies of my people will cease.


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The End of the World and the Future of the Human Race

This “Truth Movement” has been happening for quite awhile now. Those of us who have been involved in it for a significant amount of time have seen the public awareness of factual information which has been commonly referred to as “conspiracy theory” rise exponentially. Most people you meet are aware of the questions surrounding the attacks of 9/11. Large numbers of people understand the devious nature of the banking system. Significant segments of the world population are finally becoming informed about, and in turn adopting a righteous hostility toward, the one world government system that is being rolled out by the mainstream media as the only solution to the engineered global economic collapse and the totally fabricated “climate crisis.”

The once sovereign nations of the planet are very rapidly being brought under the umbrella of a system of “global governance.” This is very public nowadays, with Obama figure-heading the recent G-20 summit where it was declared that we need a “New World Order” where a “world authority” will regulate the “globalized economy.” For those who don’t know, the economic system of any country is the basis for its government; so this was a hardly veiled declaration by all of the world’s power entities that they are now taking steps to solidify a system of global government. The plan is to set up the United Nations as a global authority under which the individual nations are simply “states,” the laws and practices of which are dictated to by the top.

Can We Save Our Society?

The popular rhetoric spewed by all of the so-called leaders of the Truth Movement focuses on targeting the people in power, claiming that if we are able to somehow remove them from power, we have solved our problem. What I am arguing is that the people in power are interchangeable, and simply mechanisms by which a very old process is reaching the stage of fruition. We are rapidly approaching the end of a very long cycle.

These official talkers, on the Patriot stations and websites, typically talk about Jews and Masons and whatever else, and how they have hijacked our system, and if we can simply take it back though some unexplainable means, and transfer power over to Ron Paul or whoever else, we can use new technologies for good and establish a paradise on earth. Let me state clearly that I am not claiming these people in power are not responsible for their actions. I am simply saying that if they were not there, others would be. They are playing a role.

Take a brief look at the history of “civilization” and what you see is an virtually unbroken line of slavery and oppression. There are almost no examples of governments that were not oppressive. From Sumer, Egypt, and Rome, to European feudalism, and up through modern day capitalist and communist systems, there is always a small elite ruling over a mass of peasants. As everything about our society changes, this remains a constant. This is the simple fact of the matter. What we are seeing now with the encroachment of this scientific dictatorship is merely the logical conclusion to the process of what is commonly referred to as “progress.”

Civilization is based upon the centralization of a power structure over vast numbers of people. Centralized power necessitates centralized leadership and control. Whenever you have this, you are going to have a situation where very intelligent people who desire to be in control are able to attain these positions. These people are psychopaths. That is the personality type that seeks power over other people. Normal people don’t have this desire, and will generally even feel uncomfortable with the idea of holding such positions. Again, history bares witness. As technology advances, power becomes further centralized, with the ruling forces able to exercise control over finer and finer details of our lives.

And what if we did put Ron Paul (or some like minded populist) in charge? Never mind the fact that this is impossible, given the state of the popular media, which ultimately makes people’s choices for them. Let’s say it happened, and by some inexplicable miracle, the real powers behind the throne did not have him assassinated. For starters, in this globalized world of free trade, where slaves in China can make everything for cheaper than people in the first world where people are accustomed to a semi-decent standard of living, his free market capitalism would be utterly useless in stemming the collapsing markets of the United States, as it is no longer viable for corporations to produce anything here. As a matter of fact, given globalization, and the fact that technology has made the world a very small place, independent nations are themselves no longer viable. It just doesn’t make sense. The people talking about Ron Paul saving us are trying to bring back a system of doing things that simply cannot work in this new age of ours.

The pertinent question here is: how exactly has technological society improved the quality of our lives? Even the most ardent supporters of “progress” have a very difficult time answering this question. People will eventually give improvements in health care as a definite benefit of the scientific age, as this is really the only one which even appears to make sense. However, other than the infant mortality rate (which is something I plan to examine in detail in a future essay), I think it is hard to argue our health has improved at all, even with the abundance of futuristic medical technology. Virtually everything in our environment contains toxic chemicals; our bodies are infested with them. We are inundated with electromagnetic radiation. The food we eat is for the most part poisonous. Our water is filled with drugs, fluoride and poison. People lived better and often longer before any of this technology existed (the statistics for the average lifespans of pre-civilized people factor in infant deaths; these folks often lived to be 100).

When we then examine the positives of tribal living, it becomes clear that as far as quality of life, there really is no comparison at all. For instance, cutting out “work”, which I find to be an utterly horrid concept, would make my life exponentially better. To this people will often respond with claims that tribal people did work, and some will even claim they worked harder than us, which is a nonsensical statement. The “work” that pre-civilized people did was solely related to providing for basic survival needs; no one was making a profit off of them. Picture a tribe who’s main source of food is fish. Their “work” then consists of: fishing. That is it. The women would be responsible for making whatever clothing was needed, which in warmer climates, where people generally lived, was minimal, and sometimes people simply went nude (the profound psychological and spiritual implications of nudity among tribal people will be examined in depth in the near future). Possibly people would stitch together tents, or build huts of some type (if they didn’t live in caves), but this was not something that had to be done very often. I would imagine all of these activities were rather enjoyable, and as such they can be in no way compared to the wage slavery of modern man. Another example to cite is the buffalo hunters of the American planes. The buffalo were an abundant food source, and very easy to kill. These people lived bountiful lives.

Cutting out work, one has time to spend with ones family and tribesmen, having fun, telling stories, making music, creating art, dancing, making love to the wife, joking with the old folks and generally living it up. People lived at peace with God and nature, and where we, in the age of discontent, have holes in our hearts and a yearning for something real, they had peace. Their lives were the diametric opposite of our own.

What I am offering is a different way to look at our own existence, a new paradigm in which everything makes sense. What is happening is happening because we have abandoned our own human nature and gotten lost in an artificial world that is incapable of providing us with the meaning our souls long for. Civilizations have come and gone for millions of years. The ancients have told the tale of global empires which risen and fallen, and this too will pass. As the world burns around us, we stand at the edge of something marvelous.


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