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“New Puppet”…same as the “Old Puppet.” The only “Change” was superficial appearances and that equals “No Hope.” “We the People,” keep getting fooled again and again and again…..etc.

Obama’s Hard Line Neo-Con Agenda

Bush made America a police state.

Obama hardened it – among other ways through:

— greater intrusive surveillance;
— unjustifiable preventive detentions;
— targeting American citizens for assassination, solely by presidential edict;
— invoking the “state secrets” doctrine to block litigation against rendition, torture, and warrantless wiretapping;
— opposing Net Neutrality;
— threatening free expression and the right to dissent, including online;
— prosecuting whistleblowers as well as journalists and others who protect their anonymity or publish their revelations; and
— making anyone against US extremism vulnerable to lawless political persecutions, especially anti-war and Muslim American activists as well as lawyers who defend them too vigorously.


The USA Patriot Act eroded at least four Bill of Rights freedoms:

— due process under the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments;
— First Amendment free expression; and
— Fourth Amendment right to be free from unreasonable searches, seizures, and as a consequence privacy.

Obama of course has only reenforced this erosion to the Bill of Rights.

In less than two years, Obama outdid Bush, adopting the worst of his policies, establishing more of his own, and accelerating America faster on the road to despotism.

Barack Obama is a Neocon in Disguise

Although Barack Obama is described as a liberal Democrat, his message on foreign policy has been subject to question. Obama criticizes the handling of the Iraq war, but continues to promote an interventionist agenda. He has aligned himself with American Israeli Political Action committee by prioritizing defense of Israel in the middle east. A polarized political affiliation with Israel will needlessly drag the US into further wars in the mideast. In a recent speech to AIPAC regarding Iran’s nuclear program,

Obama clearly states “we should take no option, including military action, off the table”. Israeli military conflict with Iran would bring the US into a full scale war. As of last week, there are now five Nimitz-class aircraft carriers with escort flotillas positioned off the coast of Iran. Elements of government are desperately seeking war with Iran. In his speeches given to pro-Israel groups, Obama clarifies that he seeks more intervention when dealing with Iran, which he considers “a threat to all of us”. Ironically, the US has already supplied its middle eastern allies with nuclear systems.

The US is known to be the world’s greatest violator of non-proliferation treaties. Obama’s hypocrisy is most evident by his denouncement of the politics of oil. Obama’s alliance would back a preemptive strike against Iran that would disrupt oil fields that provide energy to Asia and Europe, further increasing world oil prices. It would create incentive for an attack on Iran. His foreign policy cannot be considered anti-war by any stretch of the definition. Surprising, these politics are closest aligned with the “neoconservative” ideology. Obama preaches an anti-war message to his constituency, but promises an unfaltering military alliance with Israel.


Operation Dark Heart – Book Burning by Obama Administration

Book Burning is no longer the sole shame of Nazi Germany. On September 25, 2010, the Obama administration (through the Pentagon) burned all 9,500 first run copies of Anthony Shaffer’s memoir “Operation Dark Heart.” (due to “Operation Able Danger” which was a top secret unit of military intelligence that identified four of the 9/11 hijackers as Al-Qaeda members in the summer of 2000 but were told to not share this information with the FBI).

Based on his experience as a Lt. Col. in the US Armed Forces, Operation Dark Heart was deemed a threat to national security after it had already passed two separate Army reviews and had already been published.

Burning books that have already been published seems like an obvious affront to free speech and seems particularly dangerous coming from the Obama administration, which has sought access to nearly every piece of American personal lives through its massive expansion of government.

This is not a right or left issue. It is not a democrat or republican issue. It is an issue of free speech and the government burning published books. It happens to have been done by a Democratic administration. If it had been done by a Republican administration, I would have made the same video criticizing that person.

LT. Colonel Anthony Shaffer Intelligence Officer OPERATION ABLE DANGER – 9/11

Anthony Shaffer made a protected disclosures to the 9/11 Commission staff director, Dr. Philip D. Zelikow, while undercover in Afghanistan in October 2003 regarding the existence of the ABLE DANGER program and the pre-9/11 intelligence and intelligence sharing problems. Within this disclosure, he briefed Dr. Zelikow about the fact that when he and others involved in ABLE DANGER decided they should share this information with the FBI, that they were blocked from doing so by lawyers in SOCOM over concerns over legality and by the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) senior leadership from sharing with SOCOM the most current intelligence information on Al Qaeda.

Shaffer’s contentions were followed up upon by Representative Curt Weldon who believes that 9/11 could have been prevented if the information gained by ABLE DANGER was properly dealt with.

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9-11 was indeed partly an “Outside Job” with the Israeli Mossad assisting the CIA in this major “False Flag Operation” to push the “Globalist’s Crusade” for their “Imperialistic World Domination.”

The Court Jester and 9/11 Truth

Last week, comedian Jon Stewart of The Daily Show announced his upcoming “Rally to Restore Sanity” in Washington DC. Using 9/11 truth as an example of the “insanity” that plagues this country, Stewart mocked the cause as “right-wing kookiness.”

(NOTE: When those in the 9/11 Truth Movement years ago implicated Bush & Co. for being behind the 9/11 Attacks, they where “mocked” as “Left-winged Conspiracy Kooks.” Now since the “Left” is “in Power,” the paradigm is reversed by labeling those who believe in a “9/11 Conspiracy” as “Right-winged Conspiracy Kooks.”

This 180 degree shift was done to keep the “Puppet Masters” hidden behind the scenes with their “Punch & Judy Show” of “Right vs. Left” when it’s really about “Them” (the Globalists) against “We the People.” Keep your eye on the ball, it’s the “Totalitarian New World Order” that is the “Grand Conspiracy.”)

There is something distinctly distasteful about making jokes about mass murder and destruction when they are happening in the here and now, which is what Stewart and Colbert do on a nightly basis. Defenders will argue that if we don’t laugh we cry; it’s a form of catharsis.

Yet these programs also reassure us, subconsciously, that all is well in the world. And there are lines that they will not cross. When it comes to the interviews of *controversial* figures, ie politicians/mass murderers – 9 times out of 10 they throw softballs, giggle together, shake hands, and proceed with the commercials.

What is it about 9/11 and its unanswered questions that makes it so hard for mainstream journalists, media figures and even comedians to address it in an honest, straightforward manner? Is it because if it became common, verified knowledge that we were lied to about those attacks that changed the world and launched us into endless war, the establishment would be too threatened? Would too many comfortable jobs would be lost?

Is this all about cowardice and greed?

After nine years of solid, stonewall resistance to dealing with reality and an unending onslaught of mindless mockery and derision, it’s easy to think that might just be a big part of it.

9/11 Was an “Outsourced Job”: How Stewart and Colbert are Selling the Neocon Agenda to the Left & Trashing 9/11 Truth

And then of course Stewart’s ambushing of Rod Blagojevich which I thought was a pretty odd position for a “progressive” to take after he practically gave back rubs and “happy endings” to each and every neocon that has come on his set to pimp their new books or try to rebrand themselves as anything but the war criminals they are. That list includes but is not limited to Bill Kristol, Ari Fleischer, John Bolton, Douglas Feith, Thomas Friedman, Tom Ridge, and John Yoo. Each and every one of the previously named neocons and or war criminals, Jon Stewart treated with more respect than he did Rod Blagojevich who’s only crime was to threaten Bank of America if they didn’t live up to the conditions of the banker bailout bill.

Recently these two progressive shills (Stewart & Colbert) have each taken on a new directive which certainly lives up to their pathetic performances in the past.

What is surprising is that Stewart chastised the radical left for holding such beliefs as “George Bush is a war criminal.”

Ccertain actions from the Bush Administration merit extreme condemnation (like impeachment and imprisonment) and to that list I would like to toss out 1. lying 935 times to justify an illegal war which has killed over a million Iraqi people and dislocated about 4 million others, 2. creating false documents (Niger Yellow Cake) like the neocons at the Office of Special Plans did to justify an illegal war, 3. torture, 4. rendition, 5. secret prisons, 6. CIA backed mercenary death squads 7. depleted uranium spread across Iraq …

I mean, if these actions don’t merit calling George W. Bush (and several of Jon Stewart’s recent guests) a war criminal, what does? Is turning a blind eye to such atrocities and war crimes really “sanity” or is it something else?

It’s clear that Stewart is doing his part to help the globalist regime in charge whitewash the past 10 years. He’s actually helping to rewrite our collective history on these matters and turn “moderate” progressives, those with their heads buried in the sand, against those “fringe” elements who tried to demand justice and accountability from the previous administration. If anything proves Jon Stewart’s complicity in the globalist criminal actions, this is certainly it.

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Jon Stewart’s Advice To Rick Sanchez

Jon Stewart responded to Rick Sanchez being fired from CNN News for stating that Jews run the media by saying, “All he has to do is apologize to us, and we’ll hire him back.”

Question: What does Rick Sanchez have to “apologize” for? All he did was tell it like it is and just stated a fact. It’s no secret that most of the top positions in the media are Jewish people (do a websearch if you don’t know this to be true).

Even Stewart admitted it by asking Sanchez to “apologize to us.” “Us” meaning the powerful Jewish club who controls the media.

The Mystery Behind Jon Stewart’s Name Change

When the news show “60 Minutes” asked Jon Steward why he changed his Jewish last name from “Leibowitz” to Stewart, Stewart explained: “Sounded too Hollywood” (June 2001)

Should Jon Stewart Change his Name Back to Jon Leibowitz?

I want you to change your name. Back to Leibowitz. Stewart is just so 20th-century, a relic of that dark age when Jews in show biz changed their names because they feared “real Americans” wouldn’t accept the originals.

And, on a more serious note, it would represent the end of a shabby, antiquated era, pronouncing that aspect of anti-Semitism now (hopefully) dead and gone. It might even make it easier for young comedians, actors, and rock stars to resist the temptation to try to “pass.”

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