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The Battle For Libya Is Almost Over… As Is The Battle For Its 144 Tons Of Gold

ZATO’s New Temple Of Babel

Ron Paul Issues Statement on Libya

Texas– 2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul issued a
statement on the situation in Libya. See comments below,

(Or hear his YouTube speech here….“Ron Paul on US Foreign Policy and Relationship with Gaddafi”)

Ron Paul takes to the House floor, August 22, 2011…….

“The current situation in Libya may be a short term victory for
Empire, but it is a loss for our American Republic. And, I fear it may
be devastating to the Libyan people.

There is no doubt that Moammar Gadhafi is a bad guy, and that he has
brought harm and misery to his country. However, our involvement in
another country’s civil war is costly and unconstitutional.”

We have spent over $1 billion on a war that this administration has
fought not with the consent of Congress but under a NATO flag and
authorization from the United Nations.

It is a serious thing for a President to engage us in a war. He is
bound by our Constitution to seek authority from the People, through
our Congress, prior to engaging in any military action unless that
action is to address an imminent threat to our safety and security.
The situation in Libya is a civil war contained within that country’s
sovereign borders, and it presented no imminent threat to the United

And so, our government continues to spend trillions of dollars in
overseas foreign wars while we face unsustainable debt, a looming
dollar crisis, and our Constitution seems to lose any meaning. These
actions will sink our country if we do not reverse course.

Meanwhile, we must beware of any ‘Mission Accomplished’ euphoria. The
conflict in Libya is far from over, and there could very well be war
in Libya for a long time to come.

While I hope and pray that the hostility draws to a close and the
people there find peace, I fear this is only wishful thinking. We face
a situation where a rebel element we have been assisting may very well
be radical jihadists, bent on our destruction, and placed in positions
of power in a new government.

Worse still, Gadhafi’s successor is likely to be just as bad, or
worse, than Gadhafi himself. Alternately, Libya may descend into
anarchy like Somalia after the overthrow of dictator Siad Barre. Much
like when we removed Saddam Hussein, another thug in Iraq, the
likelihood of either a new brutal dictatorship or tribal violence and
a protracted insurgency are much more likely than the peaceful
transition to democracy we are all hoping for.

With all these problems and the predictable chaos that will likely
ensue, we must ask why this administration was so eager to embark on
this Libyan operation in the name of ‘humanitarianism.’ Governments in
Bahrain and Yemen have this year used military force to put down
democratic protestors. The Saudi regime, which practices Sharia Law,
has also been repressive, yet we have not intervened there. These
countries continue to sell us oil, while Libya had begun to turn their
exports toward Russia, China, India, and Brazil. Could this war
largely be about protecting our oil interests at the expense of our

This episode is all too familiar. We were already involved in two wars
that have dragged on years longer than the people who led us into them
initially predicted. We can no longer afford to police the world, in
terms of both dollars and American lives. We will destroy ourselves if
we do not stop, build a strong national defense at home, and focus on
trade and commerce with the world instead of Empire.”

Never Forgive, Never Forget!

After covering Libya’s rape since last winter in dozens of articles,
no forgiving or forgetting is possible for one of history’s great

Nor is ignoring those responsible, condemning them forthrightly, and
explaining why all wars are waged.

NATO outdid Orwell on this one, killing truth by calling war the
responsibility to protect – by terrorizing, attacking, and
slaughtering civilians like psychopathic assassins.

As a result, honest historians will redefine barbarism to explain
NATO’s savagery. It includes ongoing crimes of war and against
humanity for the most malevolent reasons.

When is war not war? It’s when committing cold-blooded murder is
called the right thing. When major media scoundrels cheerlead it, and
when most people believe it because they’re too indifferent, uncaring
or lazy to learn the truth.

NATO’s rape of Libya is too ugly for proper words to describe. Only
honest images can do it, and lots of them.

Instead, the Big Lie substitutes for honest journalism, especially on
television where real (not fake) visuals can show mangled bodies, mass
destruction, and other evidence of NATO crimes.

Where civilian deaths can be shown graphically in living color. Where
responsibility can be placed where it belongs. Where right and wrong
can best be explained. Where repetition can arouse public outrage.
Where proper analysis in advance perhaps can prevent all wars.

None are liberating, lawful, or virtuous. All are shamelessly
exploitive. Libya’s one of the worst – unscrupulously benefitting
powerful interests criminally, ruthlessly, and diabolically.

It doesn’t get any worse than that. Ask Lybians. They’ll explain.

Leading America’s Pack Journalistic Lying

The New York Times is America’s lead propaganda instrument, its
reports getting enough global coverage to make a difference.

From the start, it cheerled war with Libya. It played the same role in
Afghanistan, Iraq, and all previous US wars, deceiving its readers by
dishonest journalism, commentaries, and editorials.

August 26 was no different. Two articles among others stand out. David
Kirkpatrick wrote one headlined, “As Qaddafi Forces Retreat, a Newly
Freed Imam Encourages Forgiveness,” saying:

Pro-NATO Sheik Abdul Ghani Aboughreis helped incite last winter’s
uprising “with a fiery Friday sermon at the Mourad Agha mosque. His
words sent thousands of demonstrators pouring into the streets. (His)
mosque and neighborhood became a center of revolt and resistance….”

After six months of shamelessly supporting death and destruction
against his own people, he now encourages “forgiv(ing) each other, to
make sure to leave it to the law and not take revenge on each other.”

As in all his Libya war articles, Kirkpatrick left unexplained months
of crimes of war and against humanity, committed by NATO and
paramilitary killers.
Instead, he highlighted alleged evidence of ongoing Gaddafi loyalist crimes.

In times of war, both sides commit them, but whatever government
forces did pale compared to NATO’s savagery and its hired assassins.
Kirkpatrick and other Times writers failed to notice.

Anthony Shadid and Kareem Hahim were no better headlining, “Grim
Evidence of Fighting’s Toll Becomes Clearer in Libya,” saying:

“As the fighting died down in Tripoli on Friday, the scope and
savagery of the violence during the nearly weeklong battle for control
of the capital began to come into sharper focus.”

Evidence he cites is a shameful Amnesty International report (based on
freed Al Qaeda and other paramilitary prisoners), saying:

AI “uncovered evidence that forces loyal to (Gaddafi) have killed
numerous detainees held at two military camps in Tripoli on 23 and 24

Perhaps so if other insurgents freed them, attacked Gaddafi forces in
the process, and they fought back.

Instead, AI said:

“Loyalist forces in Libya must immediately stop such killings of
captives, and both sides must commit to ensuring no harm comes to
prisoners in their custody.”

Like UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, AI tries to have it both ways,
ruining everything it gets right by reports like this – equating
horrendous NATO crimes with lesser ones committed by Gaddafi forces,
perhaps many less than imagined. The fog of war makes it hard to know

Instead, Shadid and Hahim’s article was shamelessly one sided. While
citing clear evidence of rebel-committed atrocities, their article

— Tripoli violence is now subsiding when, in fact, it rages;

— rebels say Gaddafi loyalists killed their own, an absurdity on its face;

— it’s hard “to ascertain the fate of….dead men” in hospitals, as
well as chaos committed inside; AP and Reuters reported it resulted
from rebel-committed terror;

— Gaddafi’s “cloak of secrecy (and) mercurial rule” are being
revealed, leaving unexplained why Washington and its NATO partners
wage all wars;

— slogans are being displayed, saying “Libya is free” and “Misurata
is steadfast,” though still Gaddafi controlled, it’s believed, what
Shadid and Hahim ignored, as well as not debunking claims of Libya’s
freedom; and

— documents in Gaddafi’s compound “seemed to show that (his) adopted
daughter Hana, who was supposedly killed at age 4 in (1986), was alive
(and) working as a doctor;” the key words “seemed to show” both Times
writers implied were proof, adding that Tripoli Central Hospital
workers claimed “a spacious and well-appointed office” there was hers.

Throughout the conflict, Times articles, op-eds and editorials backed
it. Their unstated message is war is good, the more the better when
America wages them.

Sadly, that’s the state of managed Western news and opinion. It’s a
shocking indictment of its support for wealth and power, no matter how
lawless and harmful to billions exploited ruthlessly, shameless, and

Final Comments

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) reports continued
fighting in Tripoli, inflicting many casualties.

Moreover, many injured can’t be treated because of ongoing violence,
inadequate staff, and enough supplies and capacity at local hospitals.

In addition, “numerous arrests” were made, “including foreign
nationals.” Their welfare is very much at risk, especially those
singled out for revenge.

Fierce fighting also continues around Misrata and elsewhere. The end
of conflict is nowhere in sight. Brega “look(s) like a ghost town.”

In different areas, people are endangered by unexploded ordinance, as
well as shortages of food, clean water, drugs, other medical supplies,
and spotty or no electricity.

Washington-led NATO turned Libya into a hellish inferno – step one
before occupying and exploiting its resources and people. Months ago
its wealth was stolen. Ahead will be its future if Libyans don’t
struggle and win their freedom.

On August 26 on Russia Today (RT.com), journalist Pepe Escobar said
Abdelhakim Belhadj, a former Al-Qaeda insurgent/now CIA asset commands
rebel forces in Tripoli.

He explained that he was trained in Afghanistan by a “very hardcore
Islamist Libyan group.” Earlier he was captured in Malaysia, detained
and tortured in Bangkok, then transferred back to Libya and

In 2009, he made a deal for freedom, in return for serving Western
interests, Escobar saying:

“I can say almost for sure with 95% certainty that this is the guy”
heading insurgents in Tripoli.

It shows how Washington both demonizes and uses Al Qaeda
advantageously, including bin Laden. He was a longtime CIA asset until
his death in December 2001 – not from Obama’s staged raid.

Notably, Al Qaeda was a 1980s CIA creation during the Soviet-Afghan
war. Moreover, Washington both supports international terrorism
covertly and battles it by imperial wars and persecuting Muslims for
their faith.

It’s part of the fog to scare people enough to believe waging wars
remove threats that, in fact, don’t exist. So they have to be invented
to enlist public support, unaware of the harm caused abroad and at

Only war profiteers benefit, not taxpayers they steal from or victims
they attack. At the same time, corrosive militarism, financial wars,
and other destructive policies destroyed America’s soul. Its future as
a free country is next.

So focused on bread and circus distractions, most people don’t notice.
How else can Washington get away with murder!

Finally, the fate of independent journalists trapped in Tripoli’s
Corinthia Hotel remains unclear. They’re still in harm’s way because a
chartered ship for their safe passage out either hasn’t arrived or
it’s too unsafe to reach it.

Further updates will follow.

In conclusion, Law Professor Francis Boyle’s morning email said the following:

“After Six Months of fighting by the most powerful military alliance
in the history of the world, Ghadafy has now become the Greatest
African Warrior since Hannibal against the Romans – predecessors to
the Americans.”

“Generations from now, people will sing songs, write poems, and
compose odes to Ghadafy all over Africa, the Arab World, the Muslim
World, and the Third World long after Obama is dead and disparaged and

Sic transit Gloria mundi (Thus passes the glory of the world)!”

Keep Libya’s freedom flame alive no matter how imperial monsters try
to destroy it!

We’re all Libyans now! Their struggle is ours!

It’s high time we matched their courageous spirit against the world’s
most pernicious/destructive force.

Bowed perhaps, they’re not broken! Isn’t that enough to raise our
consciousness to support them!

Source: Those Fighting the Bullshit of the mASS News Media

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How this……..
Turned into this……..

The Forgotten Depression, 1920-21

Progressivism emerged in the late 1800s in the United States and led to the first major depression in the twentieth century from 1920-1921. Prosperity was restored in 1922 by doing exactly the opposite of what we are doing today. So why haven’t we heard of it?

Progressives believe in big government, big social programs, heavy taxation, and especially government control of as much as possible. The depression of 1920 was the result of this ideology. Known as the Forgotten Depression of 1920, it resulted from the progressive policies implemented by President Woodrow Wilson from 1913 to 1921. The $14.5 trillion debt today is the result of progressive control of Congress, the White House and the Judiciary since the days of ultra-progressive Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Keynesian economics does not deliver what it promises. Just like President Obama today, President Wilson attempted to spend his way out of the depression by dramatically increasing federal spending and taxing the rich. Like Obama, he failed. The whiplash effect of Wilson’s wild increase in non-defense spending and tax increases resulted in the 1920-1921 depression.

Warren Harding was elected President in 1921. His very anti-Keynesian methods took the boot off the throat of the American people by slashing taxes from 73% to 25% by 1925. Taxes were cut for lower income brackets starting in 1923. Harding also cut the government’s budget nearly in half between 1920 and 1922. The results? The national debt was reduced by one-third. By 1922 unemployment was down to 6.7 percent and by 1923 it had dropped to 2.4 percent. The depression had vanished and The Roaring Twenties were launched.

Free market economist Murray Rothbard, in his America’s Great Depression, provides compelling evidence the stock market crash of 1929 was the inevitable outcome of the easy credit policies by U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed) during the latter 1920s that fueled over-speculation. It is also exactly what the Fed did from October of 2008 to June of 2011 with nearly two trillion dollars of Quantitative Easing 1 & 2 (QE1 and QE2).

The Fed reacted to the stock market crash in 1929 caused by its easy money policy by immediately contracting the money supply. This led to runs on banks and a catastrophic cascading bank failure, turning a depression into the Great Depression. The money supply shrunk by one-third from 1929-1933.[3] The Fed-caused-the-Great Depression argument is now accepted by most economists, including the Fed’s current chairman, Ben Bernanke.

In one of the ironies of history, Hoover’s opponent during the 1932 presidential race, Franklin D. Roosevelt attacked Hoover for taxing and spending too much, increasing the national debt, raising tariffs that blocked trade, and placing millions of American’s on the government dole. He even attacked Hoover for trying to “center control of everything in Washington.” Roosevelt’s running mate, John Nance Garner, even accused Hoover of leading the country into socialism.

The irony is in the fact that Roosevelt’s New Deal actually did everything he accused Hoover of doing, thereby prolonging the depression for years longer than was necessary – just like today. The lesson learned is that this seems to be a hallmark of progressivism; accusing those who oppose them of doing exactly what the progressive is guilty of doing.

It is clear the progressive Democrats and Republicans in Congress have put us into this hole. Our economic history shows there’s a way out of a depression, but Congress refuses to do it (conspiracy indeed).

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“The bigger the lie, the more people will believe it” ~ Joseph Goebbels

“You can ignore reality, but you can’t ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.” ~ Ann Rand

“Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.” ~ Aldous Huxley

“Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.” ~ Arthur Conan Doyle

(NOTE: The military has advanced weaponry that is, some say, at least 50 years ahead of anything that they show the public.)

The “Official US Government Fable” for 9/11/01 is that the Twin Towers came down in a “Classic Pancake Theory” where the top floors of a building fall upon each other ending up looking like a “Stack of Pancakes.” Here’s an example of what that looks like in reality…….

But on 9/11, this is what it actually looked like at “Ground Zero.” No “Pancake Floors” here………..

Instead of turning into a “Stack of Pancakes,” the Twin Towers mostly turned into a whole bunch of dust……….

This extraordinary photo shows the top of WTC1 vaporizing before our eyes………….

The Twin Towers were destroyed faster than physics can explain by free fall speed “collapse.” They underwent mid-air “pulverization” and were turned to dust before they hit the ground. The resistance of each floor crashing into each other (“Pancake Theory”) would have taken much longer (over a minute) than the 10 seconds in which the towers when down.

If this million tons of debris actually hit the ground, it would have registered a huge seismic reading on the richter scale equipment….it hardly even made a reading.

The upper 80 percent, approximately, of each tower was turned into fine dust and did not crash to the earth. The upper 90 of the inside of Building 7 was turned into fine dust and did not crash to the earth.

Only one file cabinet out of thousands of file cabinets survived.

No toilets survived or even recognizable portions of one.

Office paper was densely spread throughout lover Manhattan, unburned, often along side cars that appeared to be burning.

Many motor vehicles were towed away toasted in strange ways (melted steel), during the destruction of the Twin Towers (some a half mile away).

The Twin Towers rubble pile was far too small to account for the total mass of the buildings.

This “Dustification” was most likely caused by Advanced Exotic Technological Scalar Wave Weaponry and or Micro Nukes (“Ground Zero”) using “Directed Energy” which maybe a combination of microwaves and lasers.

Where Did The Towers Go? (Video Part – 1)

Where Did The Towers Go? (Video Part – 2)

Where Did The Towers Go? (Video Part – 3)

The Journal of 9/11 Research and 9/11 Issues


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11 Ways 9/11 Truth is Challenging The Hijacking of History And The Totalitarian Reengineering of Human Consciousness

For most of human history, empires and rulers have made a killing in the business of war, land grabs, territorial conquests, natural resource exploitation, and the high stakes game of power politics.

But that violent and savage era is coming to an end. Mankind is growing up. For proof, look at the global grassroots 9/11 truth movement that is changing the face of world politics, reawakening the people, and questioning the foundations of the criminal war on terror.

The inside job theory of the 9/11 attacks is supported by scientific evidence, numerous eyewitness accounts, circumstantial data, and common sense thinking.

People who are able to connect dots and break free from the mass conditioning can see that the Bush administration, the neocon fringe, the CIA and Israel are one hundred percent responsible for the 9/11 crime and tragedy.

The attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon is a textbook case of false flag terrorism. Out of the ashes of 9/11 arose a new mythic and manufactured enemy along with a new undefinable world war that pits the forces of freedom on the side of terrorism and the forces of evil on the side of the law.

We are stuck in a cultural black hole of disinformation and totalitarian brainwashing. In the past decade and more, Western man has experienced the menticide of the Western mind. The 9/11 lie is a symptom of this wider cultural, social and political phenomenon.

The discovery that the Western mind, and to a lesser extent the collective global mind, has been brainwashed by shadow and informal governments in Washington, London, Israel and other countries into thinking that Arab extremists did 9/11 is a profound revelation. It forces each individual to re-examine not just the big lie of 9/11, or other big lies of recorded history, but the nature of human consciousness and human psychology.

The shadow governments are destroying this planet and bringing humanity to the brink of the abyss.

Instead of a war on terror there should be a peaceful war on mass ignorance, mindless prejudice, media censorship, and government secrecy. In fact, that is the infowar that people like radio host Alex Jones, Professor Peter Dale Scott, former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Paul Craig Roberts, and former Governor Jesse Ventura, as well as other 9/11 truth-tellers, are waging.

It is an intellectual war for the mind of man. It is a spiritual war for the destiny of the human race.

And the 9/11 truth movement is the greatest enemy of 21st century tyrants who want to control humanity and the world. We are unmasking the evil nature of totalitarian political power as exercised by the shadow governments of America, Israel, England, and other countries.

II. 11 Ways The 9/11 Truth Movement is Challenging The Hijacking of History And The Totalitarian Reengineering of Human Consciousness

1. The 9/11 truth movement points out to people that there is a force in the universe that is greater than government. Call it Truth. Call it Civil Society. Call it God. No matter what you call this force, it puts government to shame. The power of spontaneous and collective civil action is light years beyond the power of tanks and guns as wielded by the robots of the state.

2. By showing to people that reality can be like a dream, the 9/11 truth movement motivates people to dream a better society and help remake the world, as Martin Luther King Jr. and the American founding revolutionaries did. The power to dream is the power to recreate the world. Once the mask of the 9/11 lie is pulled down, anything becomes possible.

3. The 9/11 truth movement is replanting the old truth in modern hearts that the individual mind is sacred and that it is a crime to use totalitarian brainwashing tricks against human beings. Individuals who express a difference of opinion in any society deserve to be heard, not shouted down and called nasty names like “paranoid” and “crazy conspiracy theorists.”

4. The 9/11 truth movement is reverse engineering totalitarian propaganda by Western governments and the Western corporate media. And by doing so, it is protecting human consciousness. It is also uplifting the spirit and dignity of the people of America and people all around the world.

5. The 9/11 truth movement poses this challenge to humanity: If history can be hijacked by political power then let’s get rid of political power and replace it with social power which comes from an informed and motivated civil society. Political power has never been used for good in any society. It is always used by elites to plunder, cheat, rob, kill, and destroy human life. Organized political power is the enemy of society.

6. The 9/11 truth movement conserves the honorable, good and celebrated principles of Western civilization and the Western Enlightenment such as freedom of speech and the right to dissent tyrannical laws.

7. The 9/11 truth movement does a great service to humanity by popularizing the concepts of mass mind control, totalitarian brainwashing, and false flag terrorism. It challenges the perverse desire of ruling elites to control the masses through the mass media and the mass education system.

8. The 9/11 truth movement believes science should be in service to society and humankind, not political and economic power. The U.S. shadow government claims that the official 9/11 report is scientific while other explanations of the attacks are products of delusion and conspiracy, but the opposite is true. Science is on the side of the truth and facts, not the government’s twisted version of reality and physics.

9. The 9/11 truth movement opens the political space for the emergence of a true, just and dignified world order, based on equality and respect; in opposition to a corrupt world order based on deceit, oppression, terror, mass murder, robbery, fraud, and treason.

10. The 9/11 truth movement faces the whole picture of totalitarian evil in Washington and Israel. It explains the world drama that is unfolding before our narrow eyes. It zooms in on government lies, provides a bird’s eye view of modern history, with 3D angles and high-definition camera shots. It points the way towards a history beyond perceptions.

When future historians look back on our age of mass unconsciousness, they will understand who the true villains were in the war on terror because the 9/11 truth movement exposed them.

11. Totalitarian societies like Hitler’s Germany, Stalin’s Russia and Mao’s China suffered from “closed mythologies.” People in those societies were controlled by a rigid belief system that was imposed on them by ideologues and elites in power.

Societies that have “open mythologies” are free to create new art, disobey bad laws, express controversial political opinions in an open forum, and question the voices of authority.

Since 9/11, America and the whole world has suffered from a closed mythology. The 9/11 lie is the myth of the ages, it has justified torture, the attack on civil liberties, trillions of dollars in military spending, an endless global war, and many other evil government policies.

The natural order of things have been turned upside down.

But justice can be restored because the 9/11 truth movement is destroying the 9/11 lie and exposing the evil myth-makers who crafted it.

The Promethean traitors and usurpers won’t be sitting on Mount Olympus for long.

Zeus is angry, and he wants his throne back.


Where Did The Towers Go? (Video Part – 1)

Where Did The Towers Go? (Video Part – 2)

Where Did The Towers Go? (Video Part – 3)

The Journal of 9/11 Research and 9/11 Issues

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11 Occult Secrets Now In the Open

Power is derived in many ways. One of them is through ignorance. Deprive people of enough empowering truths while giving the illusion of an essential central control system and you’ll have the masses in your back pocket.

But we’re on to them, and the Word is spreading fast. And Truth is powerful in many dimensions, many beyond the reach of would-be controllers. That’s empowering.

The Playing Field

Earth is apparently a proving ground. It’s not static for any level of existence, never mind the human experience. We seem to be sent here to make choices, learn lessons and come to realizations that appear to have a collective impact on existence.

Interpreting the world around us, each other, our roots, how to deal with the present, and sculpting our future seems to be our pastime. It’s a world of puzzles needing solutions, needs to be met, hungers to be filled, answers to be gotten.

Or is it?

Perhaps that is an illusory interpretation based on immediate needs and concerns, when universal solutions are attainable by an infinite consciousness available within our species that would get us off the merry-go-round of constant, nagging distractions and transcend our very concept of reality.

Know The Truth, Know the Usurpers

Like they say at a ball game, “You can’t tell the players without a program”. Just so, you won’t know what’s really happening in the world we live in without knowing the occult (hidden) agenda and its controlling minions.

We don’t have to know every detail, but when you have enough dots or pixels identified and in place the picture starts to take a very clear shape. But to be honest, that usually only happens after an individual comes to a “rude awakening” of sorts when they find out the world as they have been told is virtually a complete lie. Then they start connecting. But it eventually happens.

This to me has been the most profound contribution of what’s become known as the alternative community. The mainstream line in almost every case is manipulated, deliberate disinformation to keep the illusory smokescreen appearing real while the bandits make away with the booty. We’re here to expose, dispel and replace that with loving Truth.

What’s Really “Alternative”?

It’s always struck me as odd that natural health and wellness treatments and techniques that have been practiced for centuries are now called “alternative” therapies, while very recently developed synthetic medicine, drug dependence and invasive surgical approaches are considered the norm.

This shifting, relativistic and continually revised “standard” applies to every sphere of society.

It’s like Fukushima.

-How do you make the world safe from drastic rises in global radiation? Raise the acceptable danger levels….easy.

This is their M.O. And the seeming total fascist takeover of the earth sometimes seems inevitable.

But fear not. This is a phase the ancients and seers knew was coming. We will soon experience a “reset” the likes of which our planet has only seen on much smaller scales. (Apparently this may all be cyclical and all part of the process, so you can rest in that if you’d like.)

The Reality of Unshakeable Truth

The Word is out. It rolls like a spilled handful of living, runaway coins into every corner of existence. Thanks to the efforts of those compelled by the very living Truths they’ve discovered, the world has heard a crescendo of enlightening information that continues to reverberate at an increasing speed.

The List

So let’s take a look at some of these enlightening truths that are running full steam via well researched books, the internet, email lists, meet ups, conferences, and are a growing part of the daily lexicon of our evolving, better informed society.

Introduction – We Fight Together

Remember, these are NOT doctrines or required beliefs at all. None of these points have to make sense to you. In fact some of these may offend and affront your sensibilities or logic processes. That’s not the point. These are areas of research and awakening that are very real to many people and have validity for that reason. It’s up to each of us to keep learning, and to most of all work together toward a global awakening of the fundamental needs for access to truth and known facts, to freedom, to encouragement, to love, life and freedom from oppression.

#1. The Shift

This term is bandied about somewhat flippantly at times, but that doesn’t bother me. The concept that humanity is undergoing a fundamental shift in perception, a paradigm shift, has become almost mainstream news. It’s mentioned in passing in mocking tones, but it’s referred to reverently and repeatedly on talk radio and on alternative sites repeatedly. Look for it. It’ll surprise you how far it’s traveled. And it’s profound.

The dimensional aspect of the shift is huge. Many esoteric groups and individuals believe we are entering a literal vibrational shift over this next period of time. Not necessarily at any one specific time, but over a period of time while the earth simultaneously passes through a phenomenon called the galactic alignment while also experiencing a bombardment from the photon belt and extreme solar activity and other prophetic fulfillments.

Things are definitely changing, that we know. A golden age is predicted by the more esoterically inclined, with vibrational changes altering our very being. Let’s just hope so. But at the least, don’t discount it.

As the song goes, “Something’s happening here, what it is ain’t exactly clear.”

Any way you look at it, we’re in for changes.

#2. 2012 and Earth Changes

This accompanies the shift concept, as our planet is clearly going through major changes.

That this Mayan prophecy is so predominant in the news speaks volumes. We’re a race attuned to prophecy, to the stars, and to the planets. We know alignments mean something; we look for signs. It’s human, spiritual nature to do so.

2012 awareness is so prevalent it’s almost overwhelming. Ask anyone. Great hype, great story. So what’s real?

The possible arrival of Niburu in the likes of Elenin or a dwarf star is screaming across the internet. Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus, the Bible, the Mayans and Hopi: we cannot help but be aware of their influences. Even TV shows won’t let it go. The word is out there, even if some are trying to use it to manipulate, as is usually the case.

#3. The Illuminati and Our Occult-Based World

Who are these enigmatic “Illuminati”? Doesn’t matter. We know something’s up.

Hard to believe the elite leadership of the world, from banking magnates to corporate controllers, are members of secret societies and practice occult rituals?

Is it?

Not if you’re informed and pay attention. I’m not just talking about the Bilderbergers, CFR, Bohemian Club and the array of semi-public committees and think tanks you deliberately see in the news.

I mean the dark stuff, the Balmoral Castle-type child sacrifices by European royalty and visiting elites; the invocation of Luciferian agents via dark magick rituals; the secret child abuse rings surrounding religious figures, power brokers and corporo-political leadership.

Don’t believe it? Here’s my point. You’ve heard about it. And like the questions surrounding 9/11, it has you wondering.

That’s the message. And it’s out.

#4. Freemasonry and the Corporate Minions

The common themes and symbols throughout the quickly consolidating corporate grip over planet earth is staggering. The rising sun, the all-seeing eye of Horus, the assumed pyramid structure of society, repeated 6’s and 666 messages, overt sexual symbolism with the phallus and arched vagina, the winged disk, pentagrams and hexagrams galore, etc.

The theme is consistent. It’s a fraternity. A brotherhood. Dan Brown has even popularized it (while attempting to trivialize it). Not enough?

Freemasonry is intrinsically tied to the esoteric tendencies of those who seek to control the world we live in. It’s a bastardized version of ancient Babylonian and Egyptian mystery school teachings, peppered with intertwining self-serving financial and control doctrines that these creeps seem to fancy.

It’s a farce. But it’s real. For now. Learn about it so you can interpret their logos, symbolism, language and motives, but it’s a shallow version of an imposed reality we won’t have to endure much longer.

The good news? It’s been exposed. And they know it and aren’t happy. Tough, boys. Word’s out, thanks to brave researchers and reporters worldwide who aren’t afraid to tell the Truth.

#5. The Zionist Agenda

Here’s a hot one even the most noble of Truth pursuers are sometimes afraid to touch.

If you want to know where to look, go where they tell you NOT to go. Look for the biggest shout-downs, denials, accusations and piles of raging, flaming BS propaganda designed to scare anyone and everyone off.

There you will find several gems. Amongst them: 9/11 questions, the truth behind the international banking cartel, and holocaust deniers and anti-semitism.

Zionism is something that’s considered political and you’re more or less allowed to talk about it. And 9/11 is actually tame compared to the other issues just named.

However, that the Nazi “holocaust” was actually deliberately staged to set up the formation of Israel and a worldwide Zionist empire is so far beyond most people’s possibility of belief it’s almost psychotic in nature. For any group of people to be that evil, that manipulating, as to sacrifice millions of lives while financing both sides of wars in order to establish a personalized plan of world domination is beyond a natural human’s capability of understanding.

And this is how the plan advances. Well meaning, well intentioned humanity cannot conceive of such evil. Hence, the evil perpetrators’ success. All they have to do is lie, cover-up, justify and bully, and they get their way.

I have friends of the fundamental Christian persuasion who buck much of what I’ve come to know. My retort has been to point out how even the Bible talks about the wicked “kings of this world” and the “principalities and powers, the rulers of darkness of this world”, but it’s water off a duck’s back. Way too real and upstream.

For some reason it just won’t translate into reality for many. Even though I explain it’s not the Jews, it’s these overlords who are hiding behind, exploiting and sacrificing the Jews to this cause and using them for a front, it’s to no avail. Just too much (brainwashing) to overcome I guess.

It’s amazing. In the pursuit of truth you’d think there would be more “open minded” people. But there haven’t been that many…until now. With the information available today and an apparent awakening being triggered, people have suddenly become much more willing to consider some pretty radical…in the mainstream point of view..ways of thought and whole new approaches to understanding reality.

As far as the Zionist parasites, the continued desolation of Palestine and the obvious ownership by Zionists of the US government erodes the collective consciousness daily. Word is out.

That’s what Truth does. It’s certainly nothing to fear.

#6. The Vatican Assassins

Another heavy. If you sincerely follow the history of the Jesuits and the Vatican council over the ages, it will reveal some disturbing information regarding the Jesuits, and those who’ve hid behind this phony benevolence shield for centuries.

While many have chosen this Jesuit aspect to be their “horse to ride”, it’s clearly but another spear of the invasion of our planet’s control system. See Eric Jon Phelps’ site for a full dose if you like: http://www.VaticanAssassins.org.

My advice: don’t get hung up on it–see it as another aspect and part of a multi-pronged attack on humanity by dark forces hiding behind accepted, reinforced religious fronts. Watch for similarities and common threads, such as hierarchical control, religious intimidation and condemnation.

Research it for yourself and see if it doesn’t inspire ‘questions”….

#7. Intervention Theory

This is another hot subject that continues to gain traction. According to Erich von Daniken, Zacharia Sitchen, Lloyd Pye, Michael Tellinger and many other researchers and authors, we are a derivative race, seeded by aliens.

At first blush this may sound weird. After all, the Bible gives a whole different fable. Yes, fable. Read it again. it’s obviously an allegory, although peppered with hidden truths, symbolism and astro-theology. Yet we’re told to hold it as fact…in this day and age? Yeah, like all of ’em.

Ancient Aliens on the History Channel has been amazing. Lately they’re not just covering intervention by aliens, but hollow earth, UFOs from the old west era, details on the genetic engineering of humans, questions about the origins of the moon and much more. The Truth is getting out, and it’s having an amazing effect, no matter who and why it’s getting out, I might add.

[Aside: I know part of the supposed agenda is to prepare us for a “coming alien invasion” with ancient discoveries of alien presence and the like, but let’s just play along, shall we? These fools think we’re morons…let’s surprise them!]

#8. The Religion Scam

The Zeitgeist videos had a lot to do with this wake up. Of course they’re based on the years of research of Jordan Maxwell they give no credit to, and then lead us into a techno-future I don’t much care for. But they do a great job of summarizing the assumptive and false precepts of the various oppressive world religions and the fabricated world money system. Very enticing and liberating from false precepts.

Religions have tremendous sway over the world populace. It’s a sad state of affairs. But the wake up is clearly in effect and slowly dissolving the borders, prejudices and hardened mind sets that have been laid by the world social engineers for centuries to keep us disempowered and in darkness.

The beauty of a religious wake up, a wake up from the religious paradigm, is the zeal with which an awakened soul responds! Beware controllers. One man with the Truth is the force of millions!

This of course is not to be confused with true spirituality. This can take many helpful forms and disciplines.

#9. The Mental Conditioning Machine

First, simple conditioning.

We know the media are programming us with propaganda continually. Much of this is predictive programming, so that when an expected future arrives, the populace shares a resigned sigh of relief, even if it’s bad news. This is creepy to the core. This includes a completely automated future if they have their way. While they try to make all this technocrap look cool, it’s not. It’s just plain cold and dehumanizing.

All of us are also bombarded with images of a future apocalypse, disasters, the social collapse and the transhuman future of Man. Even the daily news, including alternative sites, warn of the same and can smother our consciousness in pain and resignation.

So what? So you’ll accept it more readily. It will “make sense”. You won’t be alone. It will be “part of the program”. This goes for all the crass materialism and shallow behavior pumped into everyone’s skull.

Why? It’s conditioning. You won’t reject it, fight it, renounce it, see it as anathema and contrary to your beliefs. You’ll OWN it!

Worse yet is outright mind control.

#10. Now…Outright Mind Control

Google Fritz Springmeyer and other mind control research sites before they are shut down and save the information. You’ll need to look at this information several times, and the sites that courageously expound upon it.

It’s heart-rending and horrific, but I personally believe it to be a reality. Sick “scientists” have been producing mind-controlled subjects that are now wandering our planet in substantial numbers, many of them in plain sight just waiting to be triggered to be used for abuse, as sex slaves, rituals, assassins and otherwise.

11. They’re Afraid of Us!

I love this. This is empowering to the hilt. What many don’t understand is that we have them on the run. For all their seeming power and military and scientific might, the shift is happening and they don’t know what to do about it.

They’re a lesser model. Advanced in some technological ways, but WAY behind us spiritually, where the real power is.

Chicken Shits Use Guns

Zbignew Brzezinski recently said the following, in a CFR moment of truth where he’s trying to instruct his disciples of ‘the plan’ (which we’re not supposed to notice..)..the “problem of the global awakening” and how “it’s easier to kill a million people than to rule them”!

The Truth Goes Marching On!

These elements of Truth have come to light thanks to the enduring efforts of researchers and writers and written, audio and internet posters. Their efforts are not just not in vain, but changing the world!

Join us and respond to Truth. The empowerment you will experience is beyond comprehension as the wake up continues to transpire like the true dawn of a new day.

I hope this has been empowering. Be encouraged, be blessed, and be active!

Much love,

Be sure to see the powerful companion piece to this salute @:

A 21-Truth Salute to Activists and the Alternative Media: The Journey From Conspiracy Theory to Conspiracy Fact


The Global Spiritual Awakening of Humanity (Video)

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The US Dictatorship and its White House Servant ‘President’

But many other more telling facts indicate that Obama is but a figurehead of an unelected government in the US. This unelected power of corporate elites – commercial, financial, military – governs with the same core policies regardless of who is sitting in the White House. Whether these policies are on social, economic or foreign matters, the elected president must obey the direction ordained by the unelected elite. That kind of untrammeled power structure conforms more closely in practice to dictatorship, not democracy.

In the analyses of the US budget debacle, Obama is pathetically doing the bidding of Wall Street – much like an errand boy. The debt crisis was created, not by a social safety net bought and paid for by the taxpayers, but by a banking system taken over by Wall Street gamblers. The gamblers lost their bets and were bailed out at the expense of the taxpayers; and if anyone should be held to account, it is these gamblers.

The debt ceiling crisis is a manufactured one, engineered to extort concessions that will lock the middle class in debt peonage for decades to come. Congress is empowered by the Constitution to issue the money it needs to pay its debts.

Obama’s servile toeing of Wall Street’s line is not the behavior of a free leader boldly defending the interests of the people and the greater good. Rather, his behaviour is that of one doing what he is told to do – and doing it with grateful deference.

In this way, of course, Obama is hardly different from his predecessors. But of difference is just how blatant the White House is now appearing to function as a mere tool of the rich and powerful elite.

The irony is that Obama’s election was presented as a potent symbol of American democracy; the truth is that the two-party system has become a threadbare cover for immense feebleness when it comes to serving the diktat of elite power as opposed to the good of the people. “The most powerful office in the world” would be more accurately referenced as “the most feeble purveyor of elite interests.”

Obama’s presence in the White House indulges a superficial moral/political correctness while the masters whip us all into austere servitude.

The US “war on terror” is another illustration of America’s dictatorship of the elite – and Obama’s pathetic servile role of carrying out the masters’ orders in defiance of the will of the people.

Recall that Obama’s bid for presidential election in 2008 was avowedly based on ending the US-led wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. He also denounced his incumbent rival George W Bush over the use of special powers that enabled such aberrations as the Guantanamo Bay concentration camp and a host of draconian home security policies infringing on civil rights.

But on every count, Obama has reneged on his supposed opposition to the US “war on terror”. Indeed, under his watch, the US has expanded its militarist foreign policy – which is apparently predicated on the belief that “western democracy is threatened by Islamic extremism”. Obama has done nothing to roll back draconian home security policies, indeed appears to have extended them. And he continues his predecessor’s deception of conflating Iran and its alleged nuclear ambitions as part of this phony “Islamic extremists” narrative.

To perform such a disgraceful U-turn on so many election promises, the presidency of Barack Obama is clear proof that the holder of office in the White House is not the one who is setting policy – rather, he is following policy that is set by unelected others.

The sad part is that the majority of Western citizens are not convinced by the phony crusading of their governments and media, nor of the alleged threat of Islamic extremists. Most people realize that whatever Islamic extremists operate, they are either a creation of Western intelligence or a backlash against Western imperialism. That is why Obama’s avowed election promises to end America’s criminal wars and reset foreign policy on a more reasonable, democratic footing got him elected.

The even sadder part is that as Obama’s ineffectual election shows, the US (and its Western lackeys) is being driven further and further into bankrupting, criminal wars of aggression that will cause more victims of violence and social mayhem at home and abroad. And it’s all because democracy in the US (and elsewhere in the West) is non-existent. The US is a dictatorship. And Mr Obama is too ineffectual (save for the masters) and irrelevant to be even loosely called its dictator.

Debt Ceiling Roulette

In this game, the house always wins. Bipartisan complicity stacked the deck against millions of working households, needing to know that political Washington is scamming them.

The end result is the banana republicanization of America. The term refers to a country (often politically unstable and/or repressive) where a small percent of the population has a disproportionate share or wealth and power, where ordinary people are exploited, often persecuted, and where profits are privatized while working households bear the burden of debt.

It’s also a kleptocracy run by criminals, complicit with corporate thieves who bribe them to get their way. It’s corrupt, rotten to the core gangsterism, run for personal gain, both sides profiting at the public’s expense.

It’s in plain sight in Washington, the heart of darkness, where bipartisan crooks are destroying personal freedoms, democratic values, and general welfare to grab everything for themselves and their corporate partners.

Obama was made president to play ball, a Democrat engineering what no Republican would dare, at the same time duplicitously claiming populist credentials.

Ralph Nader called it “corporatist (and) soulless,” ideologically hardline. Obama fits the mold. He’s anti-populist, anti-labor, anti-welfare, pro-business, while at the same time militaristic and pro-war for unchallengeable world dominance. Nader explained that:

“To the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) mind, Democrats are catering to ‘special interests’ when they (pretend to) stand up for trade unions, regulatory consumer-investor protections, a preemptive peace policy overseas, pruning the bloated military budget now devouring (the federal budget), defending Social Security from Wall Street schemes, and pressing for universal health care coverage. So right-wing is the DLC….that even opposing Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthy….is considered ultra-liberal and contrary to winning campaigns.”

Its ideology is indistinguishable from Republican extremism. It opposes rights for Blacks, Hispanics, Latino immigrants, Muslims, labor, the poor, consumer protections, populism, progressivism, environmental protection, peace and those for it, prosecuting corporate criminals, honest elections, and democratic governance.

It’s for the privileged few at the expense of the many, the bipartisan cancer that’s destroying America, Obama the point man in charge because who could imagine a Black president would dare. In fact, he was chosen for his commitment to wealth, power, global dominance, and grand theft at the expense of working Americans and ordinary people everywhere.

He’s a fraud, a crime boss, a moral coward and serial liar, fronting for wealth, power and privilege. No wonder James Petras (weeks after his election) called him “the greatest con-man in recent history,” comparing him to “Melville’s Confidence Man.”

“He catches your eye while he picks your pocket. He gives thanks as he packs you off to fight wars in the Middle East….He solemnly mouths vacuous pieties while he empties your Social Security funds to bail out the arch financiers who swindled your pension investments. He appoints and praises the architects of collapsed pyramid schemes to high office while promising” better times ahead he won’t tolerate to assure powerful interests get it all, the public crumbs at best.

Under Obama, however, corporate crooks take the money and run, rewarding themselves with generous bonuses, stock options and benefits, investing some abroad, and stashing the rest in offshore tax havens.

Promising change, he broke every key pledge he made, conspiring with Wall Street, war profiteers, and other corporate crooks to loot the nation’s wealth, wreck the economy, and consign growing millions to impoverishment without jobs, homes, savings, social services, or futures.

His legacy is already written, explaining how he betrayed the public trust, looted the nation’s wealth, waged war on the world, presided over a bogus democracy under a homeland security police state apparatus, and initiated the destruction of America’s social contract, governing to the right of George Bush.

He’s scamming old people to believe his budget deal will save them. “It is a con. Obama has come to bury Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, not to save but kill them.

Before he took office, Petras nailed Obama cold, calling him “the greatest con-man in recent history.” Perhaps the greatest ever, given the stakes.

Obama – Political Equivalent of a Suicide Bomber?

What if Barack Obama is the most successful suicide bomber of them all, a political suicide bomber? A man who reached the highest office in the world for the sole purpose of ensuring our demise as a nation.

Since President Obama has been elected he has done everything he can to make our financial position untenable. He has doubled the national debt, an amazing feat all by itself. He has hamstrung the economy through taxes and regulation. He has put through massive entitlements we can’t pay for.

In the face of overwhelming evidence that nothing he has done works and has, in fact, made our economic situation worse, he wants to do more of the same. He wants to spend more, regulate more and borrow more.

That is not all, however. Consider all the evidence that he despises this country, its ideals and our republican system of government. He has placed socialists and outright communists in his cabinet or the ambiguous “czar” positions. He coddles and befriends brutal dictators and alienates our staunch allies.

But what if Barack Obama is the most successful suicide bomber of them all, a political suicide bomber?

A man who reached the highest office in the world for the sole purpose of ensuring our demise as a nation. A man who reached this office out of nowhere with no qualifications and no experience. A man who easily defeated the Clinton machine, the most effective political machine in recent history. A man who has demonstrated total incompetence in office while at the same time attempting to force an unrealistic ideology upon us all.

He spends most of his time on vacation or on the golf course, swooping into the office at opportune times to cause more havoc.

Is Barak Obama waiting for the opportunity to completely destroy our nation? I don’t know. It seems like fantastic speculation, the stuff of conspiratorial fiction. But be honest, would it surprise you if it was true? The circumstantial evidence is rather compelling. Is it outside the realm of possibility that Marxist ideologues who plan for generations have manipulated this man into office and steered us into this financial corner for this very purpose?

White House Insider: “Everyone Stunned At How Little Barack Obama Understands”

In talking about the “Debt Ceiling” debates, the one thing that almost everyone did agree with was how “idiotic”, “moronic”, “pathetic”, “self-serving”, “arrogant”, and “scary” Obama’s role was during the process. Those are actual descriptions used against the president, and most of them came from Democrats. Everyone stunned over how little Barack Obama understands about anything. Told Harry Reid came out of a meeting with Obama over the weekend “visibly shaking” he was so angry at how little the president seemed to care about the process and related details of the agreement, and how flip and dismissive he was toward Senator Reid. “Just get something for me to sign Harry…” The primary concern of the Obama White House was the possibility of the debt ceiling issue carrying forward into the 2012 election cycle. The president and his people made that abundantly clear to anyone who would listen time after time after time.

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The Committee of 13

The so-called debt ceiling crisis has nothing to do with the government running out of money. It is about the creation of a super committee, a council of thirteen, designed to circumvent Congress and ignore the will of the American people.

The ruling elite have a plan to take America down. The takedown has a timeline, a schedule, and it has been interrupted and set back by Congress. Despite the fact Congress usually does whatever the globalists tell them to do, certain members hold up the agenda by holding hearings and introducing resolutions on everything from the Federal Reserve to the globalist wars in the Middle East, South Asia and now Africa.

The handpicked “super Congress” – six members from the Senate, six from the House, and the president forming a committee or gang of 13 – will now push through the elite’s agenda behind closed doors in direct violation of the Constitution.

If allowed to stand, the United States will have its own Central Committee, just like the former Soviet Union.

In their wisdom, the framers envisioned the House as a place of heated debate and the Senate as more staid place where rhetoric would cool down. It has its origins in the concept integral to our political system that the rights of the minority must be protected from the force of the majority. The idea and practice of a super Congress, a Committee of 13, puts an end to this tradition. It is a totalitarian steamroller.

By voting for the so-called debt ceiling bill, both houses of Congress are voting to legitimize the Soviet-style super committee of 13 globalist grocery clerks. It is another step by the elite to throw the Constitution under the bus.

As a first step, the Gang of 13 will impose taxation as a solution to the astronomical debt placed on the American people by the international bankers who own the private Federal Reserve. A super committee will be required to keep the debt and debt slavery scam going now that an increasing number of Americans understand that the Fed is nothing but a money printing machine designed to devalue the worth of our currency under the guise of stimulating the economy and the perpetually unfulfilled promise to create jobs and prosperity.

It is contempt for the Constitution and the intellectual and spiritual laziness of our so-called representatives that has allowed this atrocious state of affairs to exist under the excuse of confronting a debt the American people do not owe.
Direct political action will be required to put and end to this monstrosity. Short of that, we can expect another dagger to be stuck in the heart of our liberty as the global elite continue step by step to build their authoritarian control structure designed to turn the earth into a sprawling slave labor gulag and plantation.

WARNING …Real Crisis Ahead…Austerity Cuts (Video)

Obama’s Coup Follows Path of Hitler’s Enabling Law

The Treason In This Dictatorship

The Debt Deal Con: Is It Fooling Anyone?

Barack Obama and the Debt Crisis: A Successful Con Game Explained

Ron Paul & The Judge On Cavuto Talking About ‘Super Congress’ Video

Why We Need To Fight The Super Congress And Take Back Our Government

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