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Juicing Cannabis Miraculously Saves Lives After Physicians Declare the Battle Lost

At 16, Kristen Peskuski was suffering from joint inflammation and an array of autoimmune conditions which made her organs and other tissues swell, including interstitial cystitis and lupus. She was prescribed over 40 different anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and painkilling medications to combat the symptoms. Still struggling to bring the symptoms under control, Kristen developed steroid toxicity. She was told that the most she could hope for was reduced discomfort, and with luck, she might make it to her 30th birthday. Seeking alternative treatments, she began juicing raw cannabis leaves every day, and within two months, Kristen’s back pain had been eliminated, and she had stopped using any other painkillers.

Meet Amber

At two years old, she was diagnosed with terminal brain tumours. Her mother was told that with treatment, Amber had a 10 percentchance of survival. After surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, the tumours were still spreading. Her parents were advised to take their child home, make her comfortable, and prepare for the inevitable. A month later, her parents reported a startling change. The tumours had decreased in size and number. The family had been juicing cannabis leaves and feeding their baby a few ounces of the juice each day.

Up in smoke

A typical first reaction is to associate marijuana consumption with its psychoactive effects. However, THC only becomes psychoactive when heated, like when traditionally smoked or cooked. When used raw, cannabis isn’t psychoactive. The marijuana’s abilities as a painkiller are generally perceived to be the result of its psychoactivity – so much so that the intensity of a plant’s psychoactive effects is often used as a gauge of its medical potency. Contrary to intuition, this isn’t true! The medical properties of marijuana are actually destroyed when heated or aged, as it becomes psychoactive. Heating converts 600mg of non-psychoactive THC acid into 10mg of psychoactive THC. Here’s where the exchange for medical effects occurs. While the 10mg retain some medicinal effects, there is only a fraction of the THC left. In simplified terms, in the raw plant, THC acid isn’t psychoactive, but acts as a very powerful medicine, up to 400 times more powerful than when smoked.

Healthful communication

Scientific American, in 2004, published an article called “The Brain’s Own Marijuana”, in which they asserted that the brain releases chemicals that are structurally and functionally similar to cannabinoids – the reactive property in marijuana. THC is the cannabinoid that people are most familiar with, but this is only one of 80. In normal synaptic nerve function, the signals are uni-directional, and the receiver forwards the signal, but never notifies the sender that the message has been received. Cannabinoids maintain communication with the original transmitter so that it is aware that the message has been received and is being worked on. For example, if a neuron sends a pain signal, normally it would just keep sending the message until the message becomes false. The cannabinoids turn every cell into a manager with increased oversight.

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We Are All Conspiracy Theorists Now: The Mainstreaming of 9/11 Truth

The global 9/11 truth and justice movement is not going away because it is based in reality and history. One of these days, it will become politically safe for mainstream organizations, journalists, and politicians to demand a new international investigation into the tragic events of September 11, 2001.

Most of the rank and file of the left in North America and the West are silent on the subject of 9/11 because they blindly follow their leaders, who are keeping them in the dark. The most dangerous and anti-democratic rhetorical tool of thought control is the blanket label of “conspiracy theory.” This thought-killing label is repeated in the mainstream chorus in the ongoing political drama known as history.

The mainstream chorus is anti-reality, anti-truth, anti-debate, anti-democracy, anti-freedom, and anti-humanity. It acts as a mass spell over the populations of America, Israel, and the Western world. The lyrics and labels in the mainstream chorus such as “9/11 was an outside job, you are just a conspiracy theorist,” are based on pure fantasy and written by evil tyrants who believe America, the Middle East, and the whole world belongs to them.

The purpose of the mainstream chorus in Western society is tohypnotize the people, and push evil events like 9/11 and 7/7 that were committed by American, British, and Israeli secret intelligence agencies to the sidelines of politically acceptable public discourse. According to the mainstream chorus, only the crazies and paranoid freaks congregate to the field outside of the mainstream, where they espouse deranged conspiracy theories because of their mental imbalance and fragile psyche.

But, by now, most of us know that the deceptive mainstream chorus is complete baloney. It is being listened to by fewer and fewer people. Their ears are no longer held hostage by the government sorcerers and voodoo media pundits who repeat the mainstream chorus whenever the subject of 9/11 truth is brought up for discussion and debate.

The mainstreaming of 9/11 truth cannot be stopped. It is part of a larger spiritual, cultural, and political awakening that is leading to individual empowerment and peaceful, democratic change in America, Israel, and the Western world. And this global awakening is totally spontaneous and uncontrollable by autocratic Western governments.

As the writer Alan Moore said, “Our leaders do not control the tides of history — they are just surfing them.” History is bigger than any conspiracy theory, or political cabal. The truth about the false flag 9/11 attacks cannot be suppressed, silenced, and ridiculed out of existence. To even attempt it shows how delusional and insane our governments really are. It is like blocking out the sun and replacing its natural sunshine with the artificial light of an Empire. It is absolutely crazy.

As the dark truth about 9/11 enters mainstream consciousness, sanity will be restored in our countries and also in our personal lives. At a certain point in the near future, we will all identify ourselves as conspiracy theorists because it is now identified with truth-telling and free-thinking. So, do not be ashamed to call yourself a conspiracy theorist or a 9/11 truther. Embrace it.

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Is Cosmic Music Unlocking The Matrix?

Music is amazing. The right combinations of vibrational sounds can open the spirit and unlock moods and emotions and stir thought and action. Discordant sounds close the heart and cause discomfort and annoyance.

This happens on the cosmic level as well. The shift in consciousness that’s taking place coincides with a vibrational change in the Universe. Like electricity or thought, it can only be seen by its effects, which come in the form of new feelings, new realizations and new perspectives which in turn bring about changed behaviors.

The Code Is Being Broken

David Icke recently talked about there being a code that’s being given to us to unlock the false reality we’re currently perceiving around us. When this goes into full effect, the whole matrix will just come down on a massive scale.

That’s a very happy thought. And I feel the same. It happens one person at a time but it’s undoubtedly happening on a huge scale.

You can also think of this code as a harmonic key. Amazing they call them “keys” in music, but that’s what they are. This cosmic change, perhaps best pictured as the sun’s current recharging cycle we’re seeing and the photon field and alignments we’re simultaneously passing through, is a harmonic vibrational combination that’s tuning us into it, and conversely, it into us.

As we resonate with that harmonic key it turns the tumblers and unlocks our doors of perception and understanding, and breaks down those layers of separateness that have been imposed on us that we’ve subconsciously reinforced in the matrix out of pure imposed ignorance.

A huge exponential spiritual awakening on a scale never even imagined!

Synchronicity Abounds

This is why so many of us are having the exact same thoughts, insights and spiritual experiences…while even continents apart. This is why you’ll see phrases of explanation or thoughts that jump out at you as your own. It’s happening far and wide and we need to learn to stay tuned to it and take full acceptance, appreciation and advantage of it.

This is also why it’s important to inspire people to develop a real trust in their intuitive senses as I’ve often harped (vibrational) upon. It’s more important and practical than people realize. Just imagine when the internet goes down and there’s no more “hearing of the ear” and “seeing of the eye” by getting confirmation from elsewhere on the things we’re sensing and learning.

That’s profound. We have an extremely “secure” alternative at our fingertips.

We can all capitalize on this river of vibrational information we’re simultaneously receiving by embracing it, acting accordingly, and passing it on. Those are acts of experiential faith, none of this ethereal believing bullshit. We need to stay stark clear headed sober in our consciousness if we are to do any good during this massive confusion that’s hitting planet earth.

We may be fine, but those around us are gonna go nuts for want of understanding, and we need to be there for them.

The more we let these fabulous, loving fundamental Truths be known, however they’re given to each of us, the more will be prepared. They’ll at least know someone knew and cared, and maybe even find you out for more Truth.

Do your part. Activate. Express your Truth experience. Each of us changes the entire battlefield called the Earth experience.

If you don’t think it’s a battleground..think again. It’s our reality. And you don’t win a battle by standing still.

Words and right actions are weapons of Truth and Love – use them now.

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Are You Alone? Or Strategically Placed!

I hear from so many people who feel isolated and alone during this awakening and massive pardigm shift taking place around the globe. Spouses can’t wake up partners to the truth; family members and close friends think you’ve gone wonky, while the mainstream matrix mouthpieces keep up their barrage of derision against anyone who dares to look past the range of their narrow blinders.

It does suck. We all experience this phenomenon and the isolation that seems to accompany the wake up.

Here’s a hugely happy thought. If we’re an organic, cosmically influenced body of crystaline receivers and broadcasters in an alive and amazing all-knowing Universe, perhaps we’re exactly where we’re each supposed to be.

In fact, we’re probably carefully distributed to create a world-wide grid of truth!

Cool? In other words, once again there’s no mistake with synchronicity!

Are we all all truly strategically positioned for the best possible effect on the cosmos and the awakening?

We’re each generators, nodes, transmitters, relays, conduits and vessels of light, truth and love. The ultimate power of positive transformation. And we may be just where we’re supposed to be, lonely or not. So take heart!

So the loneliness is from what? Perhaps devised separateness, a systematically broken down and compartmentalized imposed society of induced helpless creatures supposedly awaiting the touch of a distant god or some romantic “other” to free them. All based on conceptual lies of seperateness.

They do try, don’t they?

Yes we need emotional bonding, but within a constructive framework. The purpose of the imposed matrix is to break us down to negative, destructively entropic self-degrading emotions and responses, fight or flight left brain reactions, and self-flaggilating flailings about in the mystic. And then bonding to their “idols” of confusion and materialistic insanity for so-called security.

Wrong. Clearly wrong. Don’t let anybody fall for it.

We can’t all be physically together, except in a very large concept. And the truth warriors with whom we each communicate are often in far flung locations and operate in their own personal nexus.

But in the grid? We are already one.

Turn it up and Shine! We are One and Now!

We are where we’re supposed to be….at any time, in any place.

Spread the Truth. We each make a HUUGE difference.


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Why Barack Obama is the More Effective Evil

No matter how much evil Barack Obama actually accomplishes during his presidency, people that call themselves leftists insist on dubbing him the Lesser Evil. Not only is Obama not given proper credit for out-evil-ing George Bush, domestically and internationally, but the First Black President is awarded positive grades for his intentions versus the presumed intentions of Republicans. As the author says, this “is psycho-babble, not analysis. No real Left would engage in it.”

Let me say from the very beginning that we at Black Agenda Report do not think that Barack Obama is the Lesser Evil. He is the more Effective Evil.

He has been more effective in Evil-Doing than Bush in terms of protecting the citadels of corporate power, and advancing the imperial agenda. He has put both Wall Street and U.S. imperial power on new and more aggressive tracks — just as he hired himself out to do.

That was always Wall Street’s expectation of Obama, and his promise to them. That’s why they gave him far more money in 2008 than they gave John McCain. They were buying Obama futures on the electoral political market — and they made out like bandits.

They invested in Obama to protect them from harm, as a hedge against the risk of systemic disaster caused by their own predations. And, it was a good bet, a good deal. It paid out in the tens of trillions of dollars.

If you believe that what Wall Street does is Evil, then Obama’s service to Wall Street is Evil, and there is nothing lesser about it.

They had vetted Obama, thoroughly, before he even set foot in the U.S. Senate in 2004.

He protected their interests, there, helping shield corporations from class action suits, and voting against caps on credit card Interest. He was their guy back then — and some of us were saying so, back then.

When the Right was on its ass, Obama stood up and spoke in their stead. There was no Evil Devil forcing him to put Entitlements on the chopping block. It was HIM. He was the Evil One — and it was not a Lesser Evil. It was a very Effective Evil, because the current Age of Austerity began on that day, in January, 2009.

And Obama had not even been sworn in as president, yet.

Who is the Effective Evil? I haven’t even gotten into his actual term as president, much less his expansion of the theaters of war, his unique assaults on International Law, and his massacre of Due Process of Law in the United States. But I want to pause right here, because piling up facts on Obama’s Most Effective Evils doesn’t seem to do any good if the prevailing conversation isn’t really about facts — but about intentions.

The prevailing assumption on the Left is that Obama has good intentions. He intends to the Right Thing — or, at least, he intends to do better than the Republicans intend to do. It’s all supposed to be about intentions. Let’s be clear: There is absolutely no factual basis to believe he intends to do anything other than the same thing he has already done, whether Democrats control Congress or not, which is to serve Wall Street’s most fundamental interests.

But, the whole idea of debating Obama’s intentions is ridiculous. It’s psycho-babble, not analysis. No real Left would engage in it.

He is the More Effective Evil because Black Folks — historically, the most progressive cohort in the United States — and Liberals, and even lots of folks that call themselves Marxists, let him get away murder ! Yet, people still insist on calling him a Lesser Evil, while he drives a stake through Due Process of Law.

The real Obama retained Bush’s Secretary of War, because he was determined to re-package the imperial enterprise and expand the scope and theaters of war.

He would dress up the war machine head-to-foot in a Chador of Humanitarianism, and march deep and deeper into Africa.

He would make merciless and totally unprovoked war against Libya — and then tell Congress there had been no war at all, and it was none of their business, anyway.

And he got away with it.

Now, that is the Most Effective Evil war mongering imaginable. Don’t you dare call him a Lesser Evil. Obama is Awesomely Evil.

No genuine anti-war activist can endorse the war-maker, Obama. If you want to resist actual imperial wars, you must fight Obama. Period. Anything else is to endorse or acquiesce in his wars.

If you are going to fight for anything, you’ve got to fight for the right to fight. That means fighting for the rule of law. So, if you don’t plan to go underground or into exile anytime soon, you must fight the president who claims the right to imprison or kill any person, of any nationality, any place on Earth, for reasons known only to him. The man who excelled George Bush by shepherding preventive detention through Congress — Barack Obama, the More Effective Evil.

Fight him this election year. Fight him every year that he’s here.

Power to the People!

Amidst the Deepest Slump since the Great Depression, Obama is Touting an “Economic Recovery”

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If you’re supporting Obama for re-election….consider this:
(NOTE: Rommey SUCKS too!)

* Guantanamo is still open
* NDAA espanded idefinite detention to you & yours
* We have more military conflicts now, not less
* Your government is less accountable
* Your corn muffin still contains GMOs
* New GMOs have been approved
* GMOs are still not labeled
* Wall Street has more privacy
* Big Pharma has more reign
* By CPI, your dollar is worth about 73 cents
* Gas prices are 200% of what they were
* 50%+ democrats have now re-registered as “No Party Affiliation”

The Criminal Class In Washington Is Bipartisan

Electoral politics also highlights its clear and present danger. It involves rogue politicians competing to be part of Washington’s corrupted duopoly run system – especially the top job as president.

Both sides support corporate interests, imperial wars, and the divine right of capital to exploit workers, plunder resources, control markets, and rule unchallenged. Beneficial social change, independent voices, and electoral democracy lose out under a rigged system against them.

Democracy in America’s shear fantasy. Money power controls everything. Candidates are pre-selected. Privatized elections assure corporate favorites win. Democrats are interchangeable with Republicans. Differences between them are minor, and none whatever on what matters most.

Consider the unpalatable 2012 presidential options. Voters get to choose between a lawless, crime boss, militarist, pro-war, anti-populist president, and a rogue’s gallery of Republican aspirants, looking more like a police lineup than legitimate candidates for any office, let alone the nation’s highest.

By comparison, Ron Paul looks good, but his platform shows otherwise. He wants social America abolished. He believes government’s only role is to respect, protect, and defend personal liberties.

In other words, government’s responsibility for universal healthcare, education, and other essential services is incompatible with personal freedom. Everyone should be on their own to provide them, even though millions, through no fault of their own, can’t.

Yet he’s the best of the lot. Obama proved what loyal supporters thought impossible. On domestic and foreign issues, he’s governed to the right of George Bush. He does it lawlessly for the monied interests that own him.

He’s waging multiple imperial wars, plans others, looted the nation’s wealth, wrecked the economy, consigned growing millions to impoverishment without jobs, enough income, or futures, illegally spies on Americans more aggressively than Bush, and institutionalized tyranny to target dissenters challenging political corruption, corporate crooks, or abuse of power lawlessness.

He also promotes regime change in Syria, Iran, Venezuela, Lebanon, and other independent states. In addition, he targets Russia’s military strength and China’s growing economic might. At the same time, he supports ruthless, corrupt tyrants, and Israel’s worst crimes.

After its devastating earthquake, he militarized and occupied Haiti. He belligerently ousted Honduran President Manual Zelaya and Libya’s Gaddafi. He presides over a bogus democracy under a homeland police state apparatus.

He’s waging class war against Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, public and private pensions, as well as other New Deal and Great Society gains. He wants more aggressive media control than Nixon, according to former White House correspondent Helen Thomas.

He imposed austerity when vital stimulus is needed and real unemployment approaches 23%. He promotes “shared sacrifice” to force ordinary people to sacrifice so America’s super-rich can share.

He authorized indefinitely detaining anyone called a national security threat without charge (including US citizens). He continues Bush’s rendition and torture policies. He authorized state-sponsored assassinations, including US citizens considered a national security threats, whether or not true.

He deployed Special Forces death squads covertly to 120 or more countries. They’re in Syria, Iran, and other independent states working for regime change.

He destroyed hard won labor rights, and wants education commodified as another business profit center. He wages war on whistleblowers, dissenters, Muslims, Latino immigrants, and environmental and animal rights activists called terrorists.

No matter. He’ll likely get another four years to do more damage and complete unfinished business, at the expense of growing millions enduring poverty, homelessness, hunger, and despair in the world’s richest country. He’s thrown them overboard to serve wealth and power interests alone.

As for Romney he wants workers denied union representation. He’s pro-family, pro-life, pro-gun, pro-Israel, pro-war, pro-corporate, and entirely anti-populist. He and Obama support the same hard-right agenda. Virtually nothing distinguishes one from the other on issues mattering most.

Given the post-9/11 path followed, the worst is yet to come domestically and abroad unless grassroots rage stops it.

If wanting better futures and imperial wars stopped aren’t worth fighting for, what is? If not now, when? If not us, who? If that’s not important enough, what is?

When Greed Is Beautiful

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The Hunger Games’ – Satanic Ritual for Teens

This sadistic story with pornographic overtones depicts teens who are tortured and killed in rituals like those the Illuminati use to trauma brainwash their own children. In occult, gender-bending fashion, a young woman performs the pugilistic feats required to defend her family.

The Illuminati media is the Church of Satan. We are the congregation, unconscious of this relentless, sinister assault on our psyches.

A reader, Marcos writes: “Unbelievably, the “Christian” Science Monitor says it is an opportunity for families to bond together. Other opportunities might be a visit to the slaughterhouse, a stay at a crack house or perhaps a night at a topless bar. where little girls could learn to dance with the help of their proud parents.”

The indoctrination of our children continues with a sadistic trilogy in which teens are tortured and killed in rituals like those used by the Illuminati to trauma brainwash their own children.

The Illuminati media is the Church of Satan. We are the congregation, unconscious of this relentless sinister assault on our psyches.

‘The Hunger Games’ by Suzanne Collins is a trilogy of books which has received glowing reviews in the Illuminati media. They are seen as successor to the Harry Potter series and more popular even than the Twilight series.

Mothers have reported their daughters having nightmares after reading the series. The books are more gruesome and grisly than some of the more violent video games that are out there.

Hunger Games’ is predictive programming Think of those ‘survivor’ shows on television a few years ago.

All post Apocalyptic dystopia fiction concentrates technocrats in advanced centers surrounded by a no man’s land populated with ‘proles’.

I watched the trailer for the movie and it’s an Illuminazi wet dream. The scenario is return to what the Druids had going on in Europe and Britain when Julius Caesar wrote about it in chapter 13 of Book 6 of his ‘Gallic Wars’ . http://classics.mit.edu/Caesar/gallic.6.6.html

The Illuminazis will always need ‘the profane’ to use for human sacrifice and sick games.

They are really giving this ‘Hunger Games’ shit the hard sell to the teen market. But listen……this is the next level of mainstreaming this Nietzschean Satanic world view that started with the ‘Interview with the Vampire’, and “the Immortal”, and a decade of Buffy the Vampire slayer and spin-offs on television…..which dovetailed into the ‘Survivor’ ‘reality TV shows a few years ago. Also goes to a plethora of ‘zombie fighter’ movies and video games.

Movie: “The Hunger Games” > Satanic Ritual for Teens. More Illuminati Mass-Conditioning (Discussion Forum)

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