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Clever Globo-Communists & Their Useful Liberal Idiots

(NOTE: “Neo-Conservatives” were just as bad promoting Bush as “Dictator” as the “Liberals” are today promoting their man Obama (personally, I don’t like dictators). Unfortunately, what most people don’t see is that the real “Powers Elite Rulers” behind the curtain pulling the puppet strings to any “US President,” are the “Globalists” who are pushing their “New World Order Totalitarian Police State” upon the world. I’ve been trying to stop that from happening with revealing their “Agenda” for many years now.)

The term “useful idiot” is thought to have been coined by communist mass murderer Vladimir Lenin. It describes naive communist sympathizers in the West (liberals). While Lenin and the Soviets held these stupid liberals in utter contempt, they also saw them as useful tools for dispensing propaganda….etc.

Russian Revolution Depicted with Paintings

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The Last American President

I had a recent conversation with a man who scoffed at my notion that Obama has set himself up to be a dictator on the scale of a Hugo Chavez and even an Adolph Hitler. “This could never happen in America,” the man proclaimed. “Congress and the Supreme Court would never let him get away with it.”

Through the unconstitutional power of Executive Orders (i.e. dictatorial power to issue decrees), Obama has positioned himself to stand alongside the most heinous dictators in history. When one looks at the scope of his Executive Orders (almost a 1,000), along with what they entail, it is clear that Obama is attempting to become the last American President. Under these Executive Orders he has granted himself to incarcerate those who would oppose him, starve populations into submission, control all jobs, wages, transportation and control the message to the people. He now has the ability to limit the citizens’ the right to defend themselves against his tyranny. And along with his criminal partners in Congress, under the NDAA, he has the ability to “disappear” and even murder suspected political dissidents in the spirit of Mao, Hitler and Stalin.

NOTE: During the Neo-Nazis Bush/Cheney administration, I warned people that a “Dictatorship” headed by the Neo-Conservatives was in the making for America. But that was just a set-up to fool “We the People” to think that a “Liberal President” would be our savior. That didn’t happen. If Obama was really about “Hope & Change,” he would have arrested the Bush/Cheney Gang for “Crimes Against Humanity.” Instead, Obama broke his promises (like all politicians) and has become the “Dictator” Bush could only be in his dreams. What will tilt us in to full on dictatorship? Another major “False Flag Operation” (like 9/11) which will bring on Martial Law.

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Prison Prism – The Narrowly Confined World of Visible Light

Oddly enough the light we see about us is not real light. It’s a lower level energetically illuminated projection called “visible light”. We call it light, but like so many things, there are real versions and layers of imposter or incomplete versions. It’s not just semantics. We see in just a very thin slice of the big energy picture.

The perfect analogy to locked-in, stringently limited perception versus true conscious awareness.

It appears to be a metaphysical discussion but this is very applicable to everyday living. In fact it’s essential. Which is why it’s so discouraged. And this analogy with the light spectrum is a perfect one. Conscious understanding is the real, yet non-physical light. If that’s the True light, what is this other one we so readily use to measure and supposedly understand the world around us?

When people say they “see” or understand something, within what wavelength are they operating? It would be interesting if people were calibrated for their capability level so we’d know who sees the real world and who just sees the highly limited and confined visible world. They used to be called seers, shamans, visionaries, mystics, elders or the like.

Fact is, we’re all each of those things…we just need to wake up to it and exercise these innate gifts. And again, that’s what they fear and try to suppress.

Just give these earthlings the projection they need to keep their wheels turning and their “assisted” limited understanding where you want it. “Not much chance of them seeing beyond it, we got it all under control.”

Fight us they will, but to no avail. Even the Archons or how ever you perceive the assemblers are trembling, cuz the awakening is under way and cannot be stopped. They know it, and that their time is almost over. Why is this so? It’s inter-dimensional and Universe would have it so. Nasty abusive parasites will not be tolerated. But it apparently takes time, and we’re not too good in that department either.

Our limited comprehension is clearly just too short sighted, but that’s the cosmic reality. We’re encased in these wondrous fleshly/spiritual bodies, but we are connected to Universe and all its wondrous gifts and power. And all will be well. Somewhere, somehow.

Fear not, and don’t be afraid to see the full Truth.

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“Conspiracy Theory”: Foundations of a Weaponized Term

Conspiracy theory’s acutely negative connotations may be traced to liberal historian Richard Hofstadter’s well-known fusillades against the “New Right.” Yet it was the Central Intelligence Agency that likely played the greatest role in effectively “weaponizing” the term. In the groundswell of public skepticism toward the Warren Commission’s findings on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the CIA sent a detailed directive to all of its bureaus. Titled “Countering Criticism of the Warren Commission Report,” the dispatch played a definitive role in making the “conspiracy theory” term a weapon to be wielded against almost any individual or group calling the government’s increasingly clandestine programs and activities into question.

The effect on academic and journalistic inquiry into ambiguous and unexplained events that may in turn mobilize public inquiry, debate and action has been dramatic and far-reaching. One need only look to the rising police state and evisceration of civil liberties and constitutional protections as evidence of how this set of subtle and deceptive intimidation tactics has profoundly encumbered the potential for future independent self-determination and civic empowerment.

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Archons: The Dark Forces of Matter

Modern ufology usually postulates that aliens come from another planet or dimension. But what if they’ve been here since the dawn of time? Autodidactic scholar John Lash has a most compelling theory rooted in Gnosticism: that some aliens are Archons, devoid and corrupt cousins of man put here by the same celestial forces that created human beings.

The Archons were whispered about in texts after the burning of the library at Alexandria which contained some mention of these mysterious beings. But the powers that be spent 1,300 years expunging the records and have practically written out the Archons from human history. In 1947, texts were found in clay jars in Nag Hammadi, Egypt. In these texts was a story of what the Nag Hammadi people, 2,000 years ago, thought the world was about.

The word Archon means “primordial” and “a ruler,” and exist in contrast to the Aeons, who, in Gnostic theory, are “any number of emanations of God, taking part in the creation and government of the universe.” “According to the myth, Archons were created by a celestial interdimensional entity, Sofia, who was pleiroma with other Aeons, and thus partly emancipated from the wholeness of the Heavenly Father. The Archons are a spinoff of Sophia, and corrupt because they had not been approved by the other Aeons.

This happened billions of years ago, before the solar system was born. These celestial consciousnesses are hard to imagine, since they exist outside of space and time.

Archons are interdimensional inorganic beings, who rule and reign over matter. This makes them look godlike to humans, but they are incomplete entities, since they lack human consciousness and experience. They don’t come from any civilization, or create them, either. The first Archon, who created all others, is called Yaldabaoth (“breeder of the hive”). This “reptilian” leader is aggressive, territorial, and charged with demonic powers. The Archons wish to keep mankind under “the constraint of fear and worry,” because they feed off such emotions. Negative energy gives them room to operate. They are psychic parasites capable of mind control on many levels. But they are, and have been, without humans, and don’t need us for their survival. The Archons can’t inhabit earth, which is hostile to them. Archons are caught in a delusion that they created humans. They have no soul, only a hive-like, common mind.

According to John Lash, Gnostic texts describe two kinds of Archons, an embryonic or fetal type—hence, the Greys of modern UFO lore—and a reptilian type. They “abduct souls by night,” a precise description of modern ET abductions. Envy (covetousness) and arrogance (egomania) are their primary features. They are mindless drones, greedy for power over us and too cowardly to come out in the open and reveal themselves. They have no concentrating power, no innate faculty that would unite intention with attention. Gnostic gospel says, “The Archons cast a ‘trance’ over Adam… They put him into a sleepy state, but it was his perception they dulled… They make our hearts heavy that we may not pay attention and may not see. So we lose the reflection of the Divine Light within us.”

In his book Grey Aliens and the Harvesting of Souls, Nigel Kerner claims the Greys are seeking to master death by obtaining something humans possess that they do not: souls. Through the manipulation of human DNA, these aliens hope to create their own souls, apart from the hive, and thereby escape the entropic grip of the material universe in favor of the timeless realm of spirit.

In his book Intruders, Budd Hopkins tells about abduction cases where aliens were interested in collecting genetic material from their abductees. Dr. David Jacobs firmly believes that aliens have a cross-breeding program with the goal of creating an alien-human hybrid race. Bob Lazar, while working at the S-4 sector of Area 51, claims to have seen documents stating that human beings are actually “containers,” and that mankind is the result of 65 genetic corrections by alien biological manipulations. John Lash does not believe that an alien-human hybridization program could work, since the genome is so well protected by our Creator, yet the ancient dream of the Archons is to be born like humans to a paradise called Earth.

Lash says that Archons did not succeed in taking us over, and moved to plan B: “we’ll get them to become like us.” This echoes the transhumanist agenda, one which the Archons desire. They are willing to “enhance” the human experience via technology, and prolong life. They want humans to become androids and abandon our human souls.

Lash believes that a “planetary shift is leading to the close of the present world cycle in 2216 CE,” preceded by a massive spiritual awakening. The Gnostics taught that nous, the spiritual intelligence alive in humanity, could be blocked by Archons. They rely on humans remaining ignorant of their inherent, individual spiritual potential. Lash sees activation of Kundalini forces as tools of protection. Arousal of Kundalini produces ecstasy, triggers super consciousness, opens the occult faculties, and releases waves of healing energy that release physiological and hormonal secretions through the body. Also luminous epinoia or the proper use of our imagination can be used against Archons. Lash states that to have a good life we need goodwill, innocence, transparency, communication and play. We can build immunity to Archons by strengthening our vital bond with Gaia-Sofia, the living planet. And one more thing: people shouldn’t fill their hearts with the mindless fear constantly stoked by entertainment and the media.

John Lash doesn’t know if we’ll ever be rid of parasitic Archons; they certainly won’t go away on their own. He quotes Castaneda: “Human beings are on a journey of awareness, which has been momentarily interrupted by extraneous forces.”

Lash believes the Archons do not care for us at all. The trick, he says, is to get past the extraterrestrial tricksters to the real magic of life on this earth. He seems to be a visionary and a prophet having faith in his studies of mythology and his experiences with entheogens and Gnostic practises. As such, his material and alien hypothesis are intriguing, thought provoking. On the other hand, he has very little–if any–proof for his claims. Is Lash’s Gnosticism only an esoteric system unto himself? Is it a religion among others? Substantial material on the subject can be found at his archive: http://www.metahistory.org.

All mainstream thinking has a hostile attitude towards studying their existence. Science largely considers UFOs, aliens and the paranormal as little more than figments of our overactive imaginations. Archons have in fact created materialistic science to distort the truth, to keep people in the darkness. Their dream is to make us drones like them by creating war, famine, mental retardation, hate and disgust. We ought to be cynical, remote controlled and at the mercy of our basest drives. They encourage financial gain, fostering the belief that it is synonymous with success and freedom [shades of John Carpenter’s They Live? –ed.]. They delight in popular culture filled with sex, drugs and rampant violence. They would like to drive us crazy us with mindless stimuli; as in these Leonard Cohen lyrics: “Your private life will suddenly explode.”

To end this misery we would merge with the machines. Our soul essence will be uploaded into a flawless body impervious to stress and time. A selected few would become immortal. The industrial elite would rule the planet and mankind. The Archons will make an imitation of man, an artificial human and present him as a Messiah of a new age world religion that annihilates all other religions. The transhumanist agenda wins, as the new human androids serve one God and ruler. Our minds will be programmed for maximum benefit for the work of our new invisible rulers. There will be no human misery, but humanity as we know it will cease to exist.

Is this the future we want? It’s hard to conceive that the faith and suffering of billions, and their prayers to God, would be for nought. Would people really give up free will to something so completely (and literally) alien? The Archons have had thousands of years to assimilate us, with little success. Wouldn’t people fight back? Could the powers that be really force us into this new world order? Are Yaldabaoth and his hive-mind Archons the biblical Satan and his fallen angels? Will there be a happy ending, with or without religion? Or could Archons just be one man’s fantasy based on crumbling beliefs? More, as they say, will be revealed.

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