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Ancient Astronauts meet Modern UFO’s

In their paper they argued that the first organisms that appeared on earth were too complex to have originated on the planet in such a short time. (This argument was later picked up by the Intelligent Design theorists.) The pair showed that Darwin’s ‘spontaneous generation’ concept had been debunked by Luis Pasteur and other scientists in the 19th Simply put, Darwinism cannot be used to explain how life emerged on earth.

Not only had there been too little time for a chance-driven process like evolution to have produced life, the pair argued, “it is a little surprising that organisms with several different codes do not coexist. The universality of the code follows naturally from an “infective” theory of the origins. Life on Earth would represent a clone derived from a single extraterrestrial organism.”

In other words, if chance events produced the largely uniform DNA code, how could it have occurred with such perfection on a one-time-through basis? Why had Nature not failed at least once or twice before getting it right? But that is not the way life emerged and proceeded. The DNA code appears to have arrived on earth in a fully tested and preformed basis.

Any educated, informed, thinking person knows that no ancient human civilization could do what we still cannot achieve today – and that is to build the Great Pyramid. It is a stupid, ridiculous and insulting premise that historians continue to proffer in spite of their complete failure to produce sufficient evidence to back up their claims…

But someone did build it, at some remote time; and with technology that was sophisticated enough to succeed. That is a fact. So if no ancient human civilization built it, then who is left?

The Egyptians never claimed that they built the pyramids and no mummy has ever been found in the 103 large pyramids that were constructed. In fact, no ancient civilization took credit for having created civilization, they all agreed that ‘gods’ arrived from the heavens and gave them the arts, tools and principles of advanced society.

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Show This To Anyone That Believes That “Things Are Getting Better” In America

How can anyone not see that the U.S. economy is collapsing all around us? It just astounds me when people try to tell me that “everything is just fine” and that “things are getting better” in America. Are there people out there that are really that blind? If you want to see the economic collapse, just open up your eyes and look around you. By almost every economic and financial measure, the U.S. economy has been steadily declining for many years. But most Americans are so tied into “the matrix” that they can only understand the cheerful propaganda that is endlessly being spoon-fed to them by the mainstream media. As I have said so many times, the economic collapse is not a single event. The economic collapse has been happening, it is is happening right now, and it will continue to happen. Yes, there will be times when our decline will be punctuated by moments of great crisis, but that will be the exception rather than the rule. A lot of people that write about “the economic collapse” hype it up as if it will be some huge “event” that will happen very rapidly and then once it is all over we will rebuild. Unfortunately, that is not how the real world works. We are living in the greatest debt bubble in the history of the world, and once it completely bursts there will be no going back to how things were before. Right now, we are living in a “credit card economy”. As long as we can keep borrowing more money, most people think that things are just fine. But anyone that has lived on credit cards knows that eventually there comes a point when the game is over, and we are rapidly approaching that point as a nation.

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Who Wrote the Reptilian Agenda?

Entities they called “Archons” appear to be identical to the ETs of modern UFOlogy. The codices indicate both Gray and reptilian types: namely, a reptilian or “drakonic” type and and a neonate type, suggested by the image of a prematurely born fetus. The former are the overlords, the latter, servile, robotic drones who obey a hive-mentality. The NHC do not contain graphic physical descriptions of these alien intruders, but present ample information to profile them comparatively with the two types of ETs most widely discussed today.

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Passive Democide: Drought and Starvation

They are altering the weather and sunlight to cause a seemingly “natural” global famine to depopulate human beings to numbers of their choosing. They are committing perpetrated democide, depopulating exactly as they said they would do, and they are using “global warming” as their cover story for mass murder.

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Is Fukushima an Extinction or Transformation Level Event?

“Fukushima will lead to a consciousness that our society cannot continue as it is and to a transformation in how humanity organizes on our planet. It is not an Extinction Level Event, IMHO. Fukushima: Instead of extinction, outcome can be multidimensional transformation.” ~ Alfred Lambremont Webre

Awake in the DREAM Radio with Laura Magdalene Eisenhower and Dr. DREAM, this week’s guests will be
Dane Wigington on Geoengineering and Alfred Webre on Fukushima.


1. How to Neutralize Radiation and Chemtrails From the Sky, Your Garden, and Your Body

2. 10 Foods to Naturally Protect Yourself From Fukushima Radiation

3. Fukushima Facts: Protecting ourselves

4. Biomat: Far Infrared & Cancer – Elimionate free radicals from Fukushima radiation

5. These is a very good video on the different types of radiation

6. This is a very good program that talks about practical ways to protect yourself and also remove radioactive particles from your body.


7. Expert Radiation Advice from Gabriel Cousens, MD – Including 6 Principles of Radiation Protection

8. Regeneration of Food, Health, and Earth Environment (By Dr. Higa Teruo) No. 46: EM Project to Control Radiation Contamination in Fukushima Prefecture

9. Liquid Zeolite natural defense: How to Naturally Remove Radioactive Particles from Your Body in 5-7 Hours

10. Sea salt and Baking soda, protocols ( used in army )


1. HAARP – Tesla-based technology

2. HHO Gas Technology

3. John Hutchinson – Hutchison Gives Instructions for Earth Radiation Shield from Japanese Fallout

“John Hutchison and Nancy Lazaryan: A network Ham Radio, CB radio and Tesla Coil operators could form a protective barrier, not just in the U.S., but worldwide, even in Japan, from the radiation that is spewing from the damaged reactors.”

Life Ray – Ray Gun: Tesla technology

Ray Gun system

4. Keshe Technology
Public workshop on Fukushima with Mehran Keshe & Alfred Lambremont Webre

5. Quantum Physics & Morphogenic Field

6. Dr. Emoto – Water consciousness

Elizabeth A. Dossano video

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 photo 58d93d0b33_zps389a2734.jpg
(Note: This year’s Super Bowl is on this same “Sacrificial Ley Line.”)

Super Bowl XLVIII Illuminati Symbolism -33 Day of the Year, on same Sacrificial Ley-Line as Sandy Hook, and More!!

An investigative look into the evidence surrounding the New York Super Bowl in 2014. Seattle Seahawks will be taking on the Denver Broncos. Considering an anonymous letter was sent to BeforeItsNews about a possible attack at the MetLife Stadium during the Super Bowl (to read that Click Here), I decided to investigate a little further for Illuminati Symbolism.

Did you know that Super Bowl 48 is on the same sacrificial Ley-Line as Sandy Hook, the Boston Bombing, the Syrian Chemical Attack, the Navy Yard Shooting, the World Trade Center Bombing, and Stonehenge? Coincidence? I think not!

Super Bowl XLVIII, the Stars, and Bruno Mars

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The Three Stages of Martial Law

America has gone from being annoyed with their government to the point of resisting their government. In my previous article, I have detailed how state governors, veterans, truckers and just average everyday citizens are resisting the tyrannical and egregious abrogation’s of the United States Constitution. The police state crackdown mechanisms are in place which are designed to break the back of any resistance to federal authority, legitimate or not.

The net effect of the establishment of “Police State America” is that it is designed to subjugate the populace and stamp out any remaining vestiges of Constitutional liberties and create a society where the state is all-powerful. With America’s new found spirit of civil liberty being expressed through acts of civil disobedience, martial law is being put into place. When one couples this undeniable fact with the fact that President Obama is under extreme pressure and is struggling to maintain control of the country, these measures are going to be rolled out in a style reminiscent of the Shock and Awe style witnessed in Gulf War I.

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