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Is Your Body Infested with Self-Replicating Nano-Fibers?

Are people being infected in mass with self-replicating semi-robotic, non-organic nano-fibers?

Recently a personal experience brought my attention to the growing concern that among the chemical poisons believed to be raining down on us from geo-engineering projects (aka – Chemtrails), like aluminum and barium, it may also be that we are being infected with nano-fibers. These fibers are believed by some to be delivered by chemtrails and are taken into the body when we breathe infected air or drink infected water. Once inside they continue to self-replicate ad nauseam, ostensibly to deteriorate our health and well-being, disturb our natural emotional states and sleep patterns, influence our behavior, inflict chronic pain, to collect and transmit data, and to deliver other nano-organisms and nano-bots into our bodies. This is part of some secret transhumanist mind control conspiracy.

All of this is certainly difficult to impossible to consider and to prove, but in the world of dot-connecting there is certainly enough of a foundation to at least consider it.

The Rise of the Nano-Bots

Nano-bots are another reality of the age of nano-tech, and it is already public knowledge that versions of these tiny man-made robots can do some pretty incredible things. Nano-robots can tinker with cockroach DNA from inside the cockroach, gold nano-rods can race each other on the inside of a human cell, and nano-bots are being developed to perform operations on human blood cells and to deliver highly targeted medicines in the fight against cancer and other diseases. Ray Kurzweil imagines that soon, nano-bots will connect the human brain to the computing cloud. Pretty far out.

If information on all this is publicly available, then who knows what the government and its black budgeted agencies are really capable of. One thing is for sure, nano-bots are already in research and development and their continued proliferation is guaranteed.

Nano-Fiber Invasion

There are some strange things happening in the world of medicine these days, and close to the top of the strange list is an extraordinary phenomenon called Morgellons Syndrome. The symptoms are many, including a wide range of psychological and physiological symptoms, but the strangest thing about is severe itchiness and blotches that develop in the skin that sometimes erupt with an alien like blossom of very small unidentifiable fibers. This fibrous material looks kind of like little worms of hairs that burst through the skin and crawl out of the human body.

Geo-Engineering is Real

For years people have been looking up to the sky and crying foul at the bizarre and unsettling designs being painted in the clouds by unidentifiable air tankers. They’ve been called chemtrails for some time now, but only recently have major media outlets begun talking openly about geo-engineering, the science that includes polluting our atmosphere with toxic chemicals in order to tweak the environment.


This is a serious and very deep topic. There exists an amazingly large body of information available from private researchers and independent journalists on chemtrails, Morgellons, and the potential of nano-tech, some bits of it appearing more credible than other bits. If this topic is of intrigue to you, then please help us get to the bottom of this important subject by helping to connect the dots.

Paranoia will destroy you, but critical inquiry is the basis for liberty. After finding such strange fibers being purged from my own body and not having any indication of what they were, brought me to the realization that my health and wellness very well may be compromised in ways beyond what I had previously understood. If there is a simple, rational explanation for what the fibers may have been, I’m the first who wants to know about it.

If science is already advanced enough to produce the many forms of nano-objects we’ve looked at, is it that far out to consider that we may indeed already be infested with nano-fibers? This topic is both creepy and somewhat fringe, however, it is already a part of the current worldview of many people. On that basis alone it warrants deeper examination.

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From 9/11 to Ukraine – The Dystopian Script Foretold

The overwhelming evidence that the events of 9/11 could have in no way been perpetrated without inside complicity is irrefutable. Whether the impossibility of those two massively over-designed structures being pulverized and another dropped into its own footprint, or the abject lack of response by the most defended airspace in the world, the events of that day had to have been at least aided and guided, if not co-perpetrated, by inside, complicit forces.

When you trace the pattern, this run up of so-called terrorist events then begs many questions: Was the attack on the USS Cole in 2000, immediately attributed to al Qaida, really done by 2 local Arab youth in a tiny boat causing an explosion that blew out the hull of a major naval vessel and killing 17? Or is there another explanation? The 4/11 London bombings is another scenario that doesn’t hold a drop of water. Going even further back, was the horrific 1983 blasting of the US barracks in Lebanon really carried out by radical Muslim “insurgents”? Or were the various embassy bombings similar “attacks”, or were they inside jobs? The list of likely false flags over the years is long.

If you need an even earlier precedent, the admitted “insider” bombing of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem in 1946 paving the way for regional and otherwise false flag terrorism has been openly boasted of by complicit Zionists and should serve as a very strong clue as to just what’s behind this staging of an invasion of the middle east. In fact, you’ll find Israel’s handiwork throughout these false flag events, culminating in their deep involvement in 9/11.

After all, cui bono? Who benefits?

This Isn’t New – And Why
Manipulating events to bring about the whims of controlling forces and the subjugation of humanity has been going on for centuries, if not millennia. From the sinking of the Lucitania to the Reichstag fire to Pearl Harbor, major events were staged to achieve desired results, either war or tighter societal controls…or both. And whether it’s the Oklahoma City or Boston bombing, or the 9/11 watershed event, the facts never add up.

But the desired results always do.

There is now in place a “powerful and aggressive” common enemy. It’s not just a time for war, but easily justified surveillance, tighter controls, and bigger and stronger militarized government at home. That’s their “story”.

In reality, this clearly shows the underbelly and true intention of the beast: full spectrum dominance.

Sadly but not unintentionally, this information is not circulated where it needs to be. Without knowing the Truth, people have either bought into the mainstream narrative, or if they are catching on they are just too lazy to say or do anything about this fascist totalitarian takeover. Perhaps this is due to fear as they’ve been programmed, or in thinking they can’t make a difference.

How wrong they are.

May this spur you on to questioning and personal activation, sharing pertinent information wherever you can and disconnecting with this sick, manipulated matrix.

That they need, demand and manipulate our complicity, shows the power of our non-complicity.

We are many, and we are awakening. That’s what they fear.

Keep the fires of awakening burning brightly.

Keep searching, and shoring up your knowledge. It leads to freedom, and meaningful activation.

It’s time to take the battle (“Info Wars”) to them.

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Lee Harvey Oswald Quietly Added To CIA Memorial Wall

Startled employees of the Central Intelligence Agency discovered this morning that Lee Harvey Oswald had been quietly added to the memorial wall at CIA Headquarters. Oswald is widely believed to have assassinated U.S. President John F. Kennedy, or someone dressed like him, in Dallas in 1963.

The documents will be made available to the general public in another twenty years.

Without any further information, CIA analysts were confused about what the action meant.

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Is The California Drought Caused By Global Warming Or Fukushima Fallout?

The array of technologies for weather manipulation are quite advanced. A similar combination of barometric-affecting technologies, done with greater finesse, is the more probable cause of the “standing wave” that kept radioactive rain clouds from hitting the West Coast this past winter. The highly reactive protons of isotopes and supercharged water particles are readily aligned by electronic transmissions.

A winter storm, carrying nuclear isotopes from Fukushima and lifting radioactive moisture from the North Pacific current would have caused a massive panic across America’s per-capita richest states and probably would have prompted a general evacuation. The speedy spread of radiation from Fukushima to regions of the world, in fact, the very presence of radioactivity from Japan along the West Coast, is damaging to the untouchable Department of Energy, the willing sponsor rather than responsible regulator of the U.S. nuclear industry. Even a partial or temporary evacuation would finally wake up Americans to the clear and present danger posed by nuclear power stations across the country.

From the standpoint of the federal bureaucracy, the depopulation of California, Oregon and Washington State due to a drought is a lesser of evils. And so the feds and their paid scientists did the necessary evil, depriving the Pacific Coast of its freshwater supply. Leaving nothing to chance, the science bureaucracy must have commissioned fraudulent research studies to blame the drought on global warming.

In the ruthless drive to keep up profit margins for the utility companies, the genetic integrity of America’s children and the yet to be born is being sacrificed on the pagan altars of corporate power. The high priests of nuclear physics and climatology are no better than Aztec witch doctors with their blood-stained blades, murdering the innocents to protect their tribal positions and foster their own delusions. How far from the high ideals and social ethics of genuine science they have fallen.

This vast swath of North America is the exact areas of highest concentration of airborne radioactive particles from the Fukushima meltdowns. The correlation indicates that the high pressure is being generated by the tons of high-energy nuclear isotopes widespread in the soil, water bodies, vegetation and built structures across western and northern regions of the continent. Fukushima fallout, and not a fantasy El Nino or phantom of global warming, is causing the California drought.

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