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“How the Secret Government Works”

Dr. Greer has been involved in the highest levels of governments and military for over 25 years and will share what he has learned on the who, what, where and why of UFO secrecy and the deep transnational security state and the constellation of illegal projects that are currently operating.

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The Illuminati, through their “grandmaster” Alexander Romanov, promised a surprise for Thanksgiving this year and even gave us a hint of what it would be by showing a map of Turkey on his website. Now Pentagon sources are saying that Turkey is going to pay for its funding of ISIS and its aggression in the Middle East by having large areas of its territory confiscated. The same is going to happen to Israel, both Illuminati and Pentagon sources say. Saudi Arabia, for its part, will cease to exist as a Saudi family private property playground, they say.

This take-down of the Khazarian mafia is happening as world leaders gather in Paris to talk about using global warming pseudo-science to promote a very real economic campaign to stop environmental destruction and end reliance on fossil fuels. More about that later.

For now, the main action is concentrated on Turkey where Germany has joined France, Russia, Iran, Egypt and the Pentagon in fighting against the Turkish, Israeli, Saudi and Khazarian mercenary army known as ISIS.

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How the Islamic State is Really Anti-Islamic

Note: “In the months and days leading up to the 9/11 attacks, the alleged hijackers were reported to have drank alcohol heavily in bars, did cocaine, purchased pornographic materials, watched strippers, and paid for lap dances and visited Las Vegas five times before the attacks. Needless to say, people who follow the teachings of the Qu’ran (Muslims) do not do any of those things.”

Islam proclaims that killing one human being (unjustly) is equal to killing the whole humanity (Qur’an, 5:32).

Islam has set some ethics of war by prescribing: never fight against non-combatants, women, children and elderly people; and never destroy property unnecessarily.

In this perspective, the recent Paris terror attacks as well as all other incidents of terrorism which cause the death of innocent people should actually be considered as the attacks on the whole humanity. Notwithstanding, the terror incident in Paris has once again triggered the old debate as to what extent Islam should be blamed for the barbaric acts committed by ISIS, which is known as the Islamic state of Iraq and Syria, but actually it deserves to be called as “Inhuman State” for its barbaric activities all over the world.

The people who are prone to blame Islam and Muslims for this recent terror episode should not be oblivious of the fact that ISIS had committed the same kind of atrocity in Beirut, resulting in the killing of scores of Muslims just one day before the terror attacks rocked Paris.

The figures show that ISIS has perpetrated far more atrocities against the Muslim world than it has caused death and destruction in the West.

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Unknowingly Occupied

Most Americans have no idea their country is now an occupied nation with a foreign based enemy inside its Gates. This enemy has infiltrated and taken control of America. It is now instituting a Globalist NWO Agenda by using acquired American political, military and economic might. It’s incredibly evil Agenda includes the deployment of false-flag terror to produce the massive chaos necessary to justify foreign wars of aggression for profit and the creation of a large American secret police (DHS). It also includes the step-by-step, planned complete asset stripping of all wealth and property from Americans and the destruction of America by removing its borders and debasing its language and culture.

Sadly most Americans have no idea that America is occupied by the World’s largest Organized Crime Syndicate, the Khazarian Mafia (KM) which is a Globalist NWO Crime Cabal with an incredibly sinister, Evil Agenda for America and the whole World.

It’s time for them to become informed about who has infiltrated and hijacked America, how they did it and what is their notably Evil Agenda of hate, engineered conflict at every level of society, tyranny, terror and war for profit, asset stripping, mass-death and incredible human suffering. All designed by using the age old strategy of Divide and Conquer.

We now know for certain that America was infiltrated in 1913 by the Khazarian Mafia’s private Central Banksters and is now a nation occupied by them.

when-didOver the 100 years that have followed the KM has been able to acquire control over the USG and the Pentagon.

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NASA-funded study: Over 32 advanced civilizations

History is full of examples, from ancient Mesopotamia to the Soviet Union, which show that whenever societies reach unsustainable levels of resource consumption and allocation, they collapse.

I’ve been writing about this for years, and the idea is now hitting mainstream.

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Reading between the lines: the Great War of Continents, information wars, and multipolarity

Geopolitics is not Personalities

People raised in the contemporary West tend to see only the trees and not the forest. As a result of our upbringing in the conditions of rampant consumerism, the commodification of anything and everything, the confusion of post-modernity, and the endless repetition of liberal cliches, we are predisposed to take interest in global events. Yet, we forget world matters at the same tempo which mainstream, corporate media runs and drops that same coverage.

All of this leads us to mistake deep and protracted conflicts for a sparring match between this or that political personality. The alienated, atomized Homos Americanus is raised in such a way as to lack critical, analytical thinking, feature an extremely limited attention span, and see the individual actor and associated temporal occurrences as an end in itself.

Reading between the lines: the Great War of Continents, information wars, and multipolarity

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Underlying Reasons for the Raging Syrian War: Competing Natural Gas Pipelines

The country of Qatar has substantial reserves of gas which it badly wants to sell to these European countries, to take the business away from Russia, the current major supplier, and prevent Iran from doing the same in the future. The favored, most expeditious route for the Qatar gas pipeline is via Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Syria, to Turkey and then to Europe. The problem is that Assad, who initially signed off on the routing this pipeline through Syria, did an about face and backed out of the deal.

Quite likely Assad did it because he decided to align himself with the planned development of the competing Iran,-Iraq-Syria pipeline. That move on his part is why many geopolitical experts say that this clash between Syria and Iran (with Russia in the background) on the one side and Qatar/Saudi Arabia and the U.S. on the other, was the main reason why this conflict erupted.


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