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5G Radiation Dangers – 11 Reasons To Be Concerned

The USA is currently leading the way on 5G. At the June 2016 press conference where the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) head Tom Wheeler announced the opening up of low, mid and high spectrum’s. There was no mention of health effects whatsoever. But the dangers are real.

5G Radiation DangersThousands of studies link low-level wireless radio frequency radiation exposures to a long list of adverse biological effects, including:

DNA single and double strand breaks
oxidative damage
disruption of cell metabolism
increased blood brain barrier permeability
melatonin reduction
disruption to brain glucose metabolism
generation of stress proteins
Let’s not also forget that in 2011 the World Health Organization (WHO) classified radio frequency radiation as a possible 2B carcinogen.

More recently the $25 million National Toxicology Program concluded that radio frequency radiation of the type currently used by cell phones can cause cancer.

But where does 5G fit into all this? Given that 5G is set to utilize frequencies above and below existing frequency bands 5G sits in the middle of all this. But the tendency (it varies from country to country) is for 5G to utilize the higher frequency bands. Which brings it’s own particular concerns. Here is my review of the studies done to date – 11 reasons to be concerned.

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Why The Valentine’s Day School Shooting is Another False Flag

Plot to Destroy 2nd Amendment through FALSE FLAG at Parkland Florida

The so-called Marjory Stoneman Douglas school shooting is a vile Zionist plot. The objective is to destroy the inalienable rights of the American people. Regardless, there is no proof that there was a real shooting at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas school.

Zionist Criminal Agents Orchestrate Florida Parkland Shooting Hoax for Gun Control

Make no mistake the Zionists are up to their old dirty tricks, not so old, in fact, perpetrating yet another Florida-based gun control hoax. This is the so called Parkland High School shooting rampage, one that actually never occurred, as is obvious from a careful review of the evidence. It is all so treacherous to the extreme, how the DHS and its support systems leverage former real-life events, those few mass shootings which have occurred, acting out actual fake events and calling them real.

Sure, it happened, right: absolutely – right on Valentines Day (aka the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre). Additionally, people were so casual about it that the carried their balloons all about despite the horror that purportedly unfolded.

Where are those countless magazines, and where are all the spent bullets – and where are all the deceased students? Yet, even so, what a wonderful coincidence it is that this suits, ideally, the arch-Zionist agenda of undermining guns rights: the Feinstein, et al., plot to take out semi-automatic weapons.

Moreover, as is the routine, the entire world has been fully bamboozled by what is nothing other than a fake and a hoax. There is no substantiation for this as a real event. Florida is a staging ground for hoaxes: a multitude of them, including the previous gay bar fake and also the Ft. Lauterdale Airport shooting fraud.

It was a drill. There is no other possibility. People are too casual. They are simply having too much fun.

No one can believe this is real. Look at this. Look at these men in (somewhat casual) firing pose. Yet, there are by-standers left unguarded, unprotected, taking photos and chit-chatting with law enforcement. Why aren’t they taking cover? The police are doing so.


Parkland Florida High School Shooting Hoax Proven in Pictures

There is no doubt that the Parkland, Florida, high school shooting is a fake and a hoax, that is there is nothing real about it. This is easily proven by a careful review of the imagery……(see website).

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Anyone who is environmentally concerned about the effects that “Climate Change” is having on our planet should watch this awarding winning documentary “OVERCAST.”

This film took 6 years to make and takes an objective investigation into the impact from the exhaust of airplane traffic has had and continues to have on our environment.

As stated in the film, “Manmade cloud cover by flight traffic has a bigger impact on global warming in one single year than all the CO2 emitted in the history of aviation.” ~ German Aerospace Center

When filmmaker Hancke embarked on a journey to uncover the truth about chemtrails, he didn’t realize it would take over six years of research — and 40 interviews in 10 countries — to find an answer. His approach is unique as he didn’t have an opinion about chemtrails, one way or another, and kept personal bias out of the investigation. He and producer Tristan Albrecht interviewed a range of experts in the field, along with independent researchers — including: geoengineers, atmospheric chemists, contrail and cloud specialists, professors of aeronautics, meteorologists, aerosol experts, a chemtrail debunker, environmental activists, journalists, a medical doctor, an airline pilot, the assistant director of the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment and more.

“Considering that there are 37.5 million of aircrafts in the air annually (according ATAG Air Transport Action Group, 2014), we should find out the impact of the emissions of these pollutants on our ecosystem. We should consider also, that with the rain, these substances end up in our food chain and are taken up by organisms. For the protection of the climate and to benefit our health and the environment, we should now make arrangements to banish this metal pollution from our airspace and finally regulate aircraft exhaust pollution.” ~ from the movie “OVERCAST”

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