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U.S. House Makes Clear That There is No Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iran

“The unanimous passage of this bipartisan amendment is a strong and timely counter to the Trump administration’s withdrawal from the Iran deal and its increasingly hostile rhetoric,” Rep. Ellison said. “This amendment sends a powerful message that the American people and Members of Congress do not want a war with Iran. Today, Congress acted to reclaim its authority over the use of military force.”


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Terminal Madness of The Endtime

This concept of which I am now writing is not metaphysical, or of personally religious polemic, or of hypothetically theosophical, or philosophical ideologies. It is the information, manifestation and very process of the Greater Reality which exists beyond the Virtual Reality of this plane and the Real Process which is destroying the Virtual Reality of this universe which has been a fraudulent and counterfeit creation. It is minds who cannot accommodate these concepts, which are forced upon them by the ensuing reality, which are going crazy. And their sense of foreboding, of doom, is a realistic and accurate reflection of their failure, and the fact that they will shortly exist no more. There is no simpler or clearer way I can say this. All have had infinite chances throughout their existence to avoid such a fate. Those who have failed have done so by embracing the Essence of Evil which has created this mess.

Why are some happy? They are happy, even though they may be initially apprehensive. They are happy because they eventually realize this is the end of this horribly sordid mess, this den of iniquity, of pain, of suffering and gross exploitation.

Hence, many are happy, for they realize their prayers have been answered. It is the end of evil and they are going home! And, in case you doubt the correction of this abomination, and think it is not an answer to prayers, let me remind you of these words from the most frequently recited Western prayer – the Lord’s Prayer – “… and deliver us from Evil.”

Over 90% of this physical universe has already been corrected. The recent light phenomenon, noted by the Italians and Dutch astronomers, depicting the engulfment of massive galaxies by a huge black hole was a view of correction many billions of light years ago in that sector. It is now Earth’s turn, and while I have restricted this short essay to earth and its creatures, realize that all planetary bodies, even our sun, are undergoing decay and termination. Indeed, the Terminal Madness is manifesting in erratic cosmology, and soon the absurd Celestial Error, created of Evil, which had trapped theomorphs in its bowels, will be no more.

This time IS a time of the Earth’s and Humanity’s end. It is the Endtime for Evil here and a new beginning elsewhere for those not of Evil….

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On The Internet, Bots Have Already Overrun Humans. What Do They Want?

According to a new study conducted by the Pew Research Center, “bots” account for more activity on Twitter than humans:

66% of all tweets that share links to popular websites and articles are shared by “bots” — accounts that are not associated with a real human user.

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Stunning Images From Space As “Widening & Advancing” Lava Flow Reaches Hawaii Power Plant

However, more worrying for now is that fact that the lava crossed onto the Puna Geothermal Venture (PGV) Saturday evening local time, according to the U.S. Geological Survey, having destroyed dozens of nearby houses in the past few days.

Since Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano began a once-in-a-century-scale eruption May 3, authorities have shutdown the plant, removed 60,000 gallons of flammable liquid and deactivated wells that tap into steam and gas deep in the Earth’s core.

But, as Reuters reports, lava has never engulfed a geothermal plant anywhere in the world and the potential threat is untested, according to the head of the state’s emergency management agency.

Residents have complained of health hazards from emissions from the plant since it went online in 1989 and PGV has been the target of lawsuits challenging its location on the flank of one of the world’s most active volcanoes.

The Israeli-owned 38 megawatt plant typically provides around 25 percent of electricity on the Big Island, according to local power utility Hawaii Electric Light.

Operator Ormat Technologies last week said there was no above-ground damage to the plant but it would have to wait until the situation stabilized to assess the impact of earthquakes and subterranean lava flows on the wells.

However, as we detailed previously, there is a long-running debate about whether PGV is fracking. The debate may be a matter of terminology, because in the geothermal process, as hawaiifracking.com reports, “…the drilling and the injection of cold water into hot rocks used in geothermal energy plants does fracture the rocks, which can induce earthquakes and through contamination of the atmosphere and water tables can affect our health and safety.”

Whether deep injection of fluid aims to capture oil, gas, or heat (geothermal), the beginning stage of the process is the same.

Earthquakes induced by this water-injection could obviously trigger a volcano.

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