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The Culling of Humanity The How, When and Why

The process of Aliens displacing Humanity on Earth and occupying other planets is no different to what has happened on Earth with superior Races overcoming Indigenes and stealing their lands and wealth.

These invaders are the ones who were able to escape the elimination process in their Galaxies.

In other words, they are escaped prisoners.

In the end, they will meet their fate – if they are Divine Beings,  they will be rescued into a Divine Realm.

If they ae Evil AI Machines, they will be exterminated!

The majority are evil, as we can see by how they traumatize this Earth and Humanity, the Animals, Nature, etc.

As I said above, they intend to kill 7 billion of us and keep some 500 million as mindless human servants.

Anunnaki are just the latest example of this idiocy. Jehovah and his Demonic hoodlums had done such things billions of years ago all over the Universe!

As I have said in the past, 93 % of this Physical Universe has already been destroyed.

This Universe is a tragic, failed experiment and it is being totally dissolved.

Those who cannot see Evil or who do not agree that the Physical must be totally destroyed, as it is the result of a Celestial Error that is destroying True Spiritual Beings, are doomed for they have no spiritual insight and no spiritual components within them that can exist outside of the physical realm.

Contemplate the fact that Rescue for the ‘Good’ is on its way……

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The vessels, he said, departed California on June 5 and, travelling at a speed of 20 knots, will arrive in Hawaii on the eleventh. Rather than berth at Port Allen or Hiwo Harbor, the ships will drop anchor ten miles offshore and use powerboats to ferry displaced persons to one of three FEMA housing ships. But FEMA is on no mission of mercy; anyone escorted onto a FEMA barge will be incarcerated and transported to a mainland FEMA internment camp in Region IX. There, they will be held captive by a controversial agency with a long history of imprisoning people against their will.

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