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Why is Dr. Steven Greer’s Disclosure Project still talking about a false flag alien invasion?

In short, any attempt to execute even an isolated UFO attack on an American city or African village would be met with utter incredulity and derision. With the pervasiveness of Alt Media around the globe, virtually everyone can become a local reporter on demand. The end result is that any fake attack by alien spaceships would be quickly found out and revealed for what it really is—another government-coordinated false flag operation.


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Benjamin Fulford Update June 19, 2017

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“Toast” – A late Middle English word (as a verb in the sense ‘burn as the sun does, parch’): from Old French toster ‘roast’, from Latin torrere ‘parch’. The practice of drinking a toast goes back to the late 17th century, and originated in naming a lady whose health the company was requested to drink, the idea being that the lady’s name flavoured the drink like the pieces of spiced toast that were formerly placed in drinks such as wine.

Why Do We Say ‘Cheers’ When We Clink Glasses?

Q: Why do we say “cheers” when we clink glasses? The word cheer comes from the Latin word for face or countenance and originally referred to any facial expression, cheerful or otherwise. Over time, though, it came to mean gladness and was first recorded as a shout of encouragement or support in 1720. As a toast, “cheers” is an early 20th-century newcomer. As to why we tap glasses together, a few compelling theories have made the rounds. In one, early Europeans believed that the sound of clashing tankards would scare away evil spirits. A more recent notion suggests an appreciation among revelers for all five senses: sight, taste, smell, and, with the clinking, sound and touch. But the most provocative theory of all — and one that’s much-debated — is attached to an ancient fear that an enemy might try to poison a drink. To prove that a drink was safe, a host would pour some of his guest’s wine into his own drinking vessel and drink it first. This evolved into crashing tankards together so that a little of each drink spilled into the other. Eventually, guests and hosts demonstrated their friendship (and their trust) by touching glasses.

“Cheers” – A word that tends to go hand in hand with toasting is, “cheers”, or in Medieval times “cheres”, derived from the Anglo-French word for ‘the face’. If we go a little further back, in Old French the word “chiere” meant “face, countenance, look, expression.” By the late 14th century “cheres” had evolved to “cheere” and came to mean a mood that was reflected in the face. By the 18th century, it had come to mean gladness and it began being used to show support and encouragement. Considering that wine, or alcohol in general, is something we drink in both celebration and lamentation, it’s hardly surprising that “cheers” eventually became a part of the toasting ritual.

Cheers: Celebration Drinking Is an Ancient Tradition

No one knows exactly when alcohol first entered the human diet—chances are it was a serendipitous prehistoric stumble on fermented fruit—but clearly we took to it like ducks to water.


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This was no mistake. It was hemp, not marijuana, that stood to overcome the use of fossil fuels, as well as eclipse the newly manipulated medical industry that would begin an extreme focus in pharmaceutical drugs that were predominately made using this same fossil fuel reliance. Marijuana and its recreational use were the perfect cover. By criminalizing marijuana, and behind the scenes connecting hemp to this criminalization, men in the right position stood to profit greatly with hemp’s demise, all while burying humanity’s best kept medical, industrial and nutritional secret … its future.

Americans need to come to terms with the simple fact that they no longer live in a democratic society, and so taking action within a broken system in hopes that the next candidate will actually follow through with their promises, is futile and ultimately counter-productive. The dire need for this country, this planet, to wrestle away the driving force behind the current seat of power and set course for a viable and sustainable future can not be overstated, and is likely beginning to become starkly apparent to the average American. We see it in our collectively declining health; we see it in the alarming loss of life of entire plant and animal species due directly to humanity’s practices; we see it in the astounding way in which we knowingly create non-biodegradable products that are designed not to be reused, creating an incontrovertible path to destruction as we literally poison the planet for a few more pieces of paper. We watch as a solution to all of these problems is ignored, demonized and propagandized as, ironically enough, “the real problem.”


Imagine a world where the human race is thriving in a perfectly symbiotic lifestyle. The entirety of the world’s inhabitants enjoying a lush and fertile surrounding. Sicknesses of most types are easily fought off due to resilient immune systems that have grown almost impenetrable over the years of exposure to most illnesses, and their inevitable defeat.

This was the future the human race was destined to have. This planet was overflowing with all the necessary possibilities for a life rich in health and sustenance. This was a once future possibility; but that is no longer the case. The path to glory was laid out for the taking, yet the people leading the way chose to line their pockets and look to the present, seeking momentary gain instead of long-term prosperity. Today, articles about the positive attributes of cannabis are easily found. Not to say that they aren’t correct; because most are. However, based on some information that is by no means new, this will take it one step further. Information that will cause many to see cannabis in a new and more profound light. One that suggests people are not only unharmed by it, but rather created to utilize and thrive within it.

Since the beginning of traditional medicine, cannabis has been used to cure or treat just about every type of illness one can think of. Its medicinal properties are no longer denied by the medical field. They are being researched and developed on all fronts. They are discovering, for the second time, how miraculous this substance can be. Americans, or rather our government, are behind the times when it comes to embracing an obvious truth: cannabis can save lives and heal the planet. This is a truth that the majority are beginning to see despite the American government’s best efforts. A truth that is beginning to appear more relevant and self-evident than ever before.



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