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Meme Magic: Pepe, Trump & The Cult of Kek

Join host Greg Carlwood of The Higherside Chats podcast as he talks meme magick, Pepe the Frog, and Trump with guest, ATL Carver.
We have spent plenty of time in past episodes exploring the potential influence of both magick and the immortal, archetypal beings it can conjure up. And although many of us can see there’s something there, the line between otherworldly influence and potential coincidence often blurs too much to be sure what’s what. As much as we might want to see things as black and white- it does seem increasingly obvious that we’re living in a world of gray.
So when we hear a story such as The Council of Nine, and realize that in the “oh so strange year of 1947”- prominent, influential members of the upper crust were experiencing ritual contact with beings that claimed to be ancient Egyptian gods, poised to work their will through these elite liaisons- we should probably pay attention. And when someone makes the case that, in the words of today’s guest “We live in a world where a group of internet misfits meme-magicked a celebrity madman into the White House with the help of an ancient Egyptian deity”, wee should definitely pay attention.
Today’s guest, ATL Carver, is a thoughtful observer of mental phenomena, student of esoteric philosophy and author of the most prominent piece on today’s strange subject “The Truth About Pepe the Frog & The Cult of Kek”, as well as his first book on the power of personal magic called “You’re Imagining Things”.
2:37 To unravel the tangled web of totality required for understanding meme-magick’s role in the election of Trump, one must start from the beginning by defining exactly what a meme is and how an image can be used to more fully define a truth.
5:15 Diving into the Pepe saga itself, ATL Carver explains the origins of the cartoon, from the artist Matt Furie to 4chan’s co-opting and manipulation of the image dating as far back as 2008. They also specifically discuss 4chan’s role, including relevant characteristics of the community, the anonymity it offers, the cataloging of posts, and the almighty dubs.
11:20 ATL Carver details how one of the boldest examples of dubs synchronicity relates to Pepe the Frog and the ancient Egyptian deity of chaos known as, Kek. They continue by discussing the parallels between Kek, a symbol of darkness and the unknown, and the archetype of Lucifer, the light-bringer and trickster.
21:15 After describing how the efforts of the 4chan community began manifesting into reality, ATL Carver explains the significance of Hillary Clinton’s collapse on 9/11.
28:42 With the mainstream media acting as a branch of the Clinton camp, and their combined efforts to push the narrative that the Trump campaign represents an alt-right, Nazi, white nationalist agenda, Greg and ATL Carver discuss the use of the deity Kek, and the failed attempts to misrepresent Trump and his supporters by labeling them as racist, sexist, and xenophobic.
33:35 After examining some of the interactions of the 4chan community with this entity, ATL Carver details the personality of Kek and provides a few examples of encounters with this deity.
40:10 ATL Carver and Greg continue to discuss the power of the 4chan community and it’s use of meme-magick.
50:15 Greg and ATL Carver revisit the Kek and Pepe meme, by discussing another fascinating synchronicity found in a fan made Pokemon game called Pokemon Chaos.
58:18 Although the elite’s use and implementation of magick can be a bit disturbing, the fact remains, magick is a tool for self empowerment. Unfortunately, the other side to this coin is the personal responsibility that accompanies this empowerment. Greg and ATL Carver explore this topic and examine whether we are in a position to understand and use magick effectively.
1:06:10 Chaos magick is all about perspective and definition. Greg and ATL Carver consider pivotal moments in retrospect where magick may have been at work. They also discuss the importance of questioning things and Hollywood’s agenda to distort and appropriate magick.
1:11:20 When you develop a magical perspective, your perception of reality changes in many ways. While some say this reality can be illusionary or even holographic in nature- it is certainly safe to say that reality appears to be much more flexible in nature where magick is involved.
1:13:50 ATL Carver explains whether Trump has any insight into the power of language, and if he implored it during the campaign.
1:20:00 Greg and ATL Carver continue discussing the mechanics of magick and contacting entities, by examining the cycle that includes entity contact and interaction leading to deep layers of self-realization of the subconscious. They also touch on .
1:25:50 With gender, sexuality and feminism playing major roles in this year’s election, Greg and ATL Carver explore Kek’s influence and how it relates to modern conservatism of 4chan.

Beyoncé’s Ex-Drummer Files for Restraining Order, Alleging “Extreme Witchcraft”

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The End is Near.jpg


It’s as though everyone on the planet is craving their 15 minutes of fame while they can still grab it. Perhaps everyone knows deep down inside that the world as we know it cannot continue on the current trajectory—a rapidly descending downward spiral.

Clearly the status quo cannot be maintained in any degenerating sphere of life. Or maybe people even know that something very BIG is about to happen in the stock market, or the Middle East, or even in the solar system. Almost everyone seems to be clued into the swiftly closing window between now and Election Day.

Perpetual war economy

The ever-present distraction of war is largely to blame for this debilitating societal phenomenon. So many citizenries have been conned into spending their hard-earned money on “guns instead of butter”. Then they permit their governments to wage unprovoked wars of naked aggression in their name and with their tax dollars.

The Military-Industrial Complex that maintains the perpetual war economy is now hitting a wall since war as a means of conflict resolution is fast approaching a final crescendo…as in the curtain may soon come down for good.

Nevertheless, that won’t stop the warmongers from attempting to trigger just one more World War. Not only does Deep State want war with Russia and her allies, many other BIG players want war as well. The following essay clearly delineates those other traditional stakeholders in the perpetual war economy, and especially in World Wars.

This is precisely why things are quickly coming to a head. Both sides in this epochal drama are truly facing existential threats. While it appears to be a winner take all situation, both sides are facing an ELE (extinction level event). Trump is merely the agent of destruction whose valuable experience as a NYC developer showed him how to knock down old buildings into their own footprint.

Both establishment Democrats and Republicans detest Trump. They know that he is exposing the underbelly of the federal government like no one in US history. Not only have the MSM (mainstream media), FBI, DOJ, and CIA been outed as enemies of the people, so have other once-venerable institutions.

If there is one reason why the state of American politics has deteriorated beyond the point of no return, it is the Washington Consensus. The wealthy elites first created and then ensured that every major American institution was run in the service of their very narrow agendas. In so doing, any individual or party or group that left the WashCon reservation would be banished to the political waterless region. Failure to follow the dictates of the Washington Consensus meant certain death for political leaders and government officials alike. This form of strictly imposed political correctness served as Deep State’s control mechanism and enforcement arm.








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New Earth Is Here 9/11

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9/11 September Clues – Everything Was a Lie!

I’m asking all patriots to share the most censored 9/11 video of all time! This video should have 500 million hits but it’s always deleted and censored because nothing wakes up people like this one! The video absolutely proves the Fake News was complicit in 9/11 and there were no planes! The fake news helped pull off the biggest hoax in history for the deep state that killed over 3,000 Americans! There is no longer any question about it! ”September Clues” proves the Fake News were key players in the scam of fooling the American people about the deadliest terrorist attack on America! This attack wasn’t from Osama Bin Laden and men with box cutters. It was done like a Hollywood blockbuster movie! They used explosives put into the buildings on the sections closed for “repair” that just happened to be where the “planes” hit. Exactly what they would do in Hollywood. Except the deep state used some of the better toys such as holograms to make it real to the people on the ground! Did people die? Of course they did. They used these dead people to enrage the nation so we would be okay to send our country to war and loot the US Treasury of over $7 trillion! This video proves they lied about everything so get it EVERYWHERE!

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Strange Bedfellows: GMO and Vaccine Partnerships

Story at-a-glance

Industry front groups include the Genetic Literacy Project, the American Council for Science and Health, Science 2.0, GMO Answers, Independent Women’s Forum, Science Codex, Center for Consumer Freedom and the Center for Inquiry

Once you start to investigate these front groups, you’ll find the same names appearing again and again, co-writing articles, interviewing each other and referring to each other’s work in a closed loop

The seven classic techniques of propaganda have been clearly delineated and are used without exception by most industries

Astroturfing is when a special interests group creates a fake grassroots campaign for or against a particular agenda

The vaccine and biotechnology industries have joined forces and are using the same terminology and the same psychological assault strategies against their detractors

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